Ross Campbell's running an Art Sale!

Drawing comics awesome doesn't automatically make you rich (shocking, I know!), so ghettoManga Award-winning cartoonist Ross Campbell is padding his pockets the way the Pilgrims did, by selling original art on the internet! I die a little every time I meet someone who has never seen Ross's work, but then I get excited because I have a new chance to go into a rant about how awesome his stuff is! If you've never seen his work, click here so I won't hafta rant at you.

 Ross is looking to move lots of color and monochrome drawings, featuring original characters from his graphic novels The Abandoned, Wet Moon and Mountain Girl, as well as work for franchises like Hack/Slash, Exalted  and Fraggle Rock. I always enjoy seeing his sensitive handling of all kinds of girls in his stories. Each character has a unique body language and physique. Whenever I hear that he's selling art like this, I hope it does well because I know it will help make it possible for him to make a decent living while working in the small press.

I'm always hoping to see him get more work for the majors (DC's Minx imprint published his shark attack survivor tale Waterbaby before it folded), who knows? Can't wait until then to make money! So click here to check out what Ross has available, and cop something for yourself or a friend!


wolf said...

Ross is the truth , one of the few illustrators out there that gets me geeked as if i'm still 13 y.o. at the news stand. I've bought some stuff and i'll buy more as soon as i click this link. Thanks Samax!!

samax said...

No problem, wolf! It's what I'm here for!

ross said...

thanks, man!!!! :D
you should use an updated version of that Tifa pic though, the physical original artwork looks a bit different (probably only noticeable by me but y'know, heh), i don't want to trick anyone!

samax said...

yeah, looks like that one has sold already anyways. I'm glad to see you are selling lots of art! I had a couple people tell me they planned to buy something, so I hope I helped!

ross said...

yeah, i really appreciate the plug, i've sold a bunch of stuff already! :)

i think you're just way faster than me; i realized i linked to an outdated file of that Tifa pic but i corrected it like mere minutes later, so you must have snagged that image in that tiny window of time! haha. i think there was an instance of something Shadoweyes-related where that happened, too, i corrected something within minutes yet you managed to get to it before that. XD

samax said...

LOL! Yeah, I get excited when I see news I can post. Good to know I'm getting out there that fast!

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Damn, this dude is ILL! I remember seeing his work years ago.Glad to see him still doing it.

samax said...

yeah, he's one of my favorites!

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