PREVIEW: Klaws of the Panther #4

The hero parade that is Klaws of the Panther comes to a close as Black Widow joins Shuri 'nem against Klaw, Master of Sound...

Not sure what to say about the approach Maberry has taken with this series. Seems like Shuri has been overshadowed by all the guest stars. I actually liked the quirky art of Gianluca Gugliotta in the first issue, but it looks like his stuff has unraveled and all his flaws are glaring at me in this sample. Cap looks straight horrible... the other artist Pepe Larraz looks nice. I need to look out for him... I bought the first issue of the series, but not sure if I can force myself to buy the rest of 'em.



Sweet*Hots said...

Not sure how to feel about anything Shuri is in. I still don't like her as the Black Panther. I've taken like a year hiatus from comics (unfortunately) and I heard it through the grapevine that T'Challa is now the Man Without Fear? wtf

In my conspiracy theorist mind....This is some ol' Willie Lynch stuff. You supplant the strong black man with the black woman, ie T'Challa and Shuri. Send the black man from his kingdom to a land he's not familiar with. Now you have a woman as the Black Panther, and that just isn't right!!!

I know I'm looking too deep, but this change has bothered me since I first heard that there was gonna be a "new" Panther. Boo Marvel. Boo. lol

samax said...

I don't see it as some kind of emasculation of T'challa (or his manhood) so much as tearing him down to build him up again. I mean, they killed Captain America and replaced him with his long-thought-dead-but-now-returned-at-first-as-a-villain sidekick, Bucky Barnes, then brought him back as the head of both SHIELD and the Avengers.

I don't see why a woman couldn't be the Panther. Unless there was some precept of their religion that wouldn't permit it. The Panther is a mantle that is earned, so if she earned it, why not?

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