these Vicious Cycle chicks spit LAVA!

I laugh a little bit when people say there are no good female emcees... In the Dallas area, you can't take more than a few steps without tripping over a female emcee. But I hang out at underground rap shows... it's pretty much all rappers... Here's the ladies who combine to form Vicious Cycle with the video for You People, off their banging LP The Vagina Chronologue.

I've been a fan of Neeky Devero for a minute. She has the kinda loudmouthed style that will make you turn your head when she comes on stage, and she's nice lyrically, too. When I saw a link on Twitter with her name on it, peeping it was a no-brainer... As you can see (if you watched the video) Neeky is joined by another chick who is mad nice in her own right in Money Stax, whose wordy delivery is a perfect compliment to Neeky's buckshot vocals.

The fun beat selection and humorous spirit of the hooks balance well with the defiant and aggressive content of The Vagina Chronologue, an album made by women who clearly take offense to the stereotypes and low expectations the popular hip hop world projects onto the careers of "girl rappers"... there's no apology for being rugged lyrically, or concern for the fans that dope rapping may alienate. No pandering to the radio. No shortage of profanity. And a punch in the mouth for you if you got a problem with it. Imagine Lauryn Hill and Rah Digga making an album together produced by someone like Showbiz or Diamond D. That's about right, I think. But feel free to listen yourself, and make up your own mind. If you dig it, click here to cop the album on Bandcamp. Maybe if enough people do, I won't have to convince people there are dope female emcees so often.
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B_Steelo said...

Hey I hung out with them at Kenjah's. They were going to a shoot or something the next morning. Maybe this is it.

B_Steelo said...

they got good production. Goes well with good lyrics

samax said...

yeah, I've seen Neeky several times. The beats on this are very nice.

Anonymous said...

these chicks it tight.

samax said...

word. I was really impressed with this. I think I'm gonna buy it!

B_Steelo said...


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