Props to one of my favorite Cartoons ever...

A Great Day for SCIENCE by Samax Amen
Friday's Sketch Challenge was Dexter, the child genius of Dexter's Laboratory fame. When this cartoon came out, I wasn't really a fan of it. The new cartoons just didn't reach out and grab me like the ones I grew up on, and the deceptively flat geometric art style felt generic and pointless. I don't remember which episode was the first one I actually sat down and watched, but whatever it was, it hooked me and didn't let go!
Anyways, I drew a really quick sketch then finished it in Photoshop in about 20 minutes total. If you want a print of this (or any of my other drawings), I'll give you this on 8.5x11 photo paper for $15 (which includes shipping) just let me know. For some more of my drawings, click here.
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Arkonbey said...

Dexter's Lab!

I can still remember first seeing that when it premiered as a short when The Cartoon Network was showing a bunch of stuff to see if people wanted cartoon 'x' as a series. The Power Puff Girls were also at the same time, I think.

The pic is nice. I really like the forced perspective and you captured the grin perfectly, but I'm not sure about the differing line weight on the outline.

samax said...

yep. Cartoon Cartoon Friday. I LOVE Power Puff girls, too.

I feel the same way about the line weight. It was a quick drawing. I'm always second-guessing them.

B_Steelo said...

It's on Boomerang now...crazy

samax said...

yeah, all the Cartoons I wanna watch are on Boomerang, because (ring the bell) I'm old.

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