OH SNAP!! Dare Fan art by M. Rasheed!!!

Sadly, I haven't made time to work on any new Dare comics in a while... but who needs me, when M. Rasheed (Monsters 101) clearly has a pretty good handle on the little man wi' nah fear?

Darius Meets Big Shirley by M. Rasheed
I first became aware of M.Rasheed on the Herotalk Forum over at the Black Superhero Museum, and have been impressed with his prolific cartooning ever since. He has done fan art of just about everybody's characters over there, but I didn't know he had taken a stab at my character Darius Davidson, star of Dare! The Adventures of Darius Davidson, until I saw this on his Facebook profile today. In addition to lampooning the hell out of other people's characters on what seems like a daily basis, Rasheed is an accomplished cartoonist and author. He's been quietly publishing his Monsters 101 OGN series for a while, with Monsters 101, Book Four: Late Enrollment just dropping last spring. feel free to hit his website for more of what he does!
Anyways, I have lots of Dare stuff written and plotted out waiting to be worked on...  you can read some of it if you buy the GhostWerksComics anthology in my store, or click here to learn more about Dare.

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R. George R. said...

Yeah, you gotta watch this guy. His artwork will sneak up on you, especially the humor. Fair warning: no eating or drinking near the monitor when you’re in his galleries.

My avatar is his work. (And unfortunately, it captures me.)

samax said...

LOL! You're right about that! He will surprise you with his sense of humor!

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