Mini Battle Men #17 is here!

Our dude ZEES Moreno is back w/ his sci-fi action comedy webcomic Mini Battle Men, and it looks like the trio of alien superheroes won't be landing on Earth anytime soon, since it looks like Mega Neutron has found some work for them to do on this pit-stop world first...

Zees has moved recently, so the strips will be in black and white while he gets situated, but that just gives you a chance to appreciate the inks he's layin' down on this joint! If you're already familiar, click here to peep the new strip.

For those unfamiliar with Mini Battle Men, it tells the story of three invincible warriors who helped their planet overthrow the tyrannical bureaucrats who ruled for a century, only to find themselves horribly bored. Unable to bear the burden of living in a utopia, the trio set their sites on the Earth. I was an instant fan of ZEES' comics when I first ran up on his work on mySpace (remember mySpace?) and would recommend Mini Battle Men to you even if it wasn't gonna make it's print debut in the next issue of GhettoManga Quarterly (which it totally is), so click here to read MBM from the start, so you can look cool at the comic shop when the new issue comes out!

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