ATLANTA COMICON- Marcel Comics, Rachel Rage, Pam Grier and MORE!

Forgive Me Father by Marcel Comics

One of our favorite young funny book artists, Marcel Vann will be selling his comics and assorted what-nots at Wizard World's Atlanta Comicon this weekend. I reviewed his hilarious TPB Did You Mean MARVEL Comics? a while back, and he will also have copies of other books including his brand new joint Read or Die too, so set aside a few bucks just for him! And he won't be alone... There will lots of great media guests big and small in the house. here's a few I would definitely drop in on, if I was able to make it to Atlanta this weekend (which sadly, I'm not):
Legendary blaxploitation icon, writer and actress Pam Grier (at 61 years old, still hotter than hell) will be there, so it doesn't surprise me that Pam Grier superfan John Aston, creator of the Grier-inspired, ultra-violent, extra sexy revenge comic Rachel Rage will be there, too.  Unless you're new around here, you know how I feel about Aston's work in general and Rachel Rage in particular, but in case you missed it, click here for my review of the first Rachel Rage graphic novel Heartland.
Here's a laundry list of dope artists I would be checking for if I was gonna be there:
for a complete list of guests, click here. Atlanta Comicon takes place at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta. Doors open Saturday at 10 am. have fun!
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