PREVIEW- Hellboy: the Sleeping & the Dead #1

Your man Hellboy catches a bad one in this preview...

Here's the Sales Pitch:
While chasing a giant bat through the forest, Hellboy meets an old man with insider knowledge of the coming vampire apocalypse.
For the first time, Mike Mignola teams up with artist Scott Hampton (Batman:Other Realms, The Books of Magic) for this gothic tale.

Don't know if I am ready to start buying Hellboy comics not drawn by Mignola (Corben is my exception), but Scott Hampton is doing a nice job on these pages. Other than the drawings of Hellboy himself, nothing about these pages says Mignola at all. I mean, Hampton's using white gutters... I like the art, but I don't necessarily need Hellboy comics that are not Mignolaesque... but if YOU want it, Hellboy: the Sleeping & the Dead #1 hits stores December 29th.



corance said...

I too have a bias against Hellboy comics not drawn by Mignola. But they look so good, I may have to repay that.

samax said...

If I made more money, I'd be down, but funds are limited, thus I must pass.

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