PREVIEW: Gorillas Vs. Robots

Yeah, so I'm feeling robophobic today, so it's a good time to pass on a preview of Gorillas VS. Robots in the 23rd Century. I added this book to my wishlist on Indyplanet a while back, but hadn't posted the preview here until now. In addition to supporting my suspicions that apes would not evolve into humans, but into more evolved and intelligent apes, it also encourages a healthy fear of robots.

It's good to know that chivalry has not died. Not saying it's always right, but I liked to see that the male ape has his sista's back. Anyways, if you wanna cop Gorillas VS Robots, just click here!


corance said...

Very interesting.

samax said...

in this comic, man has become the evolutionary "missing link" between apes and robots.

that's funny to me.

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