The Muthaf#%$n Rapture got my drawing of his wife @MoneyStax tatted on his arm

 Nothing gets rid of the frustration like getting tagged in a Facebook photo of a drawing you did of a rapper you like tattooed on the arm of another rapper you like...

"Look at his shiny necklace. The way he brags about it makes it less impressive..." -Rhymefest

Man, I'm in a crappy mood, but the mix of the silky feelgood beat by J. Rhodes and a flurry of fed up bars by Rhymefest actually made me feel better...

Freddie Gibbs uses the N-word like 20 times in this story about Michael Jackson's return to Gary, Indiana.

"That nigga bought all the chicken for the PEOPLE my nigga..."
-Freddie Gibbs

#downloadThis- The Death of ADAM (Warlock) by @UncommonNasa and Waatu (w/Prince Po, Elucid & Subtitle)

My familiarity with Nasa started with his making beats for dudes like C-Rayz Walz to rap on, but I eventually found out that he grabbed the mic on occasion too, under the moniker Adam Warlock. The Death of Adam is Nasa's way of putting that alias to rest with the help of some dope remixes by Waatu.

Idris Elba's monologuing in the new Pacific Rim trailer... AND WE LOVE IT!

As you know, I'm geeking for Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming mobile-suit vs Kaiju spectacle Pacific Rim. I'm also a big time cheerleader for Idris Elba, so I instinctively salute the screen every time his character Stacker Pentecost enters the scene...

GZA breaks down his song "Autobio" in this dope animated video

In this episode of FRAMES, GZA of the venerated hip hop crew Wu-Tang Clan breaks down the story behind his song Autobio and his and RZA's trips to the legendary Bronx Block Parties during the early days of hip hop...

"We're all initiated into the League of Shadows. I told Raven to keep her eye on the Sparrow..." -Vast Aire

I am already on record as having said that the team behind The Cold Vein had already made the best record they would ever make in their lives. That isn't a diss. Cold Vein is just that good. R.A.P Music, the album El-Producto did with Killer Mike didn't change my opinion about that, and neither did these three new Cannibal Ox songs. But like El and Mike's record, this Gotham maxi-single sure is dope...

"Gatchaman" live action movie trailer (Japanese)

"White's wimpy!" -Charles Barkley "And you can't keep it clean!" -Humpty Hump

Check out this BEASTIE BOYS TRIBUTE PRINT by Yehudi Mercado!

#KickstartTHIS- Joshua Covey's "BAAKO" Vol 1

Check out some preview art to BAAKO, the upcoming fantasy graphic novel by up-and-coming cartoonist Joshua Covey (FREELANCERS). It's clearly a passion project for Covey, who is looking to fund the production on Kickstarter...

NPR's "Morning Edition" gives props to "Adventure Time"

I geeked out SO hard when a story about Adventure Time came on NPR's Morning Edition yesterday. My wife rolls her eyes whenever I talk about how awesome the Cartoon Network show is, but the eggheads on NPR were co-signing on it, which made me feel vindicated or something...

PREVIEW- "100 BULLETS: BROTHER LONO #1" by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso

 The award-winning team behind conspiracy-theory soaked classic 100 Bullets has returned to bring us a 6 issue storyline starring the quintessential badass! Lono is actually one of the good guys in 100 Bullets: Brother Lono. At least, as good as he ever gets...

Happy Birthday to animation Producer/Director @LeSeanThomas (Black Dynamite).

If Google can be believed, June 17th is the born-on date for animation director, producer, and international man of mystery LeSean Thomas. In the circles I run in, LeS is kind of a big deal...

#nowPlaying "Soul Check" by SK the Greatest, Bavu Blakes & Kendra Christel

Here's some new music featuring the mighty Bavu Blakes courtesy of the fine folks at GMGO Music. "And now," Bavu said as he shared Soul Check on Facebook, "a song your whole family can enjoy. File under summertime, family bbq, throwback, soulful..."

DOPE Father's Day Gift- "BLACK COUNT" by Tom Reiss

My wife is very good at buying good Father's Day gifts. This Father's Day, she surprised me with a copy of Tom Reiss's NY Times Bestseller The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo, which I have wanted BAD since I first heard about it on NPR last fall. 

Help choose the cover to @JamarNicholas's long-awaited "LEON: Protector of the Playground" Collection!

 Okay, rumor has it that my man Jamar's Kicktsarter-funded all-ages comic strip collection Leon:Protector of the Playground is almost done. So now he and his ComicBook Diner pals have been kicking around some color treatments. Which do YOU like best?

Preview- NADIR'S ZENITH #3 by Jackson Compton and Jerry Bennett

 I have been informed that the new issue of Jackson Compton's science fiction comic Nadir's Zenith is available for purchase. In this issue Captain John Nadir, Space Marshal of the Intergalactic Peace Corps, has to repel an attack on a lunar colony. Good times. Peep a preview below...

This cover for New Illuminati # 7 looks D O P E ! ! !

 For the record, T'challa the Black Panther doesn't appear in the brief art-only preview of New Illuminati New Avengers #7 below, but he looks so awesome on this cover going head-up with Namor the Sub-Mariner that I posted it here anyways...


Hilarious romantic comedy "The Dog Years" is back! Peep a preview here!

 It's been a minute, but our favorite romantic comedy webcomic The Dog Years has returned to the internet! Well, it never went anywhere... But there's a new issue online. Jalissa is back on the market, and it looks like her galpal Kirklynn is having man problems of her own...

Luke Cage, Monica Rambeau, Falcon, Blue Marvel and Power Man on one team?

I have been saying for a while that eventually every hero in the Marvel U will be either an X-man or an Avenger (or both). I’m feeling more like a genius every day… But seriously, Marvel is slowly revealing the lineup of their upcoming book MinoriTeam Mighty Avengers, which is due to drop this fall, and I guess this is a good time for me to voice my opinion about it...

CLASSIC MATERIAL- "Looney Tunes: A Hound for Trouble"

I just finished watching this Looney Tunes episode where ousted stowaway Charlie the Dog finds himself in Italy. His inability to speak Italian doesn't hinder him from getting his hustle on...

Official Video "I Did It" by the mighty Masta Ace, plus Ace speaks on the collaboration with MF DOOM

Masta Ace is one of the under-appreciated emcees out there who has been faithfully making nice hip hop records for decades. I Did It is the second single from MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne, a collabo record with the mighty MF DOOM on beats. Peep the video...

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