"Look at his shiny necklace. The way he brags about it makes it less impressive..." -Rhymefest

Man, I'm in a crappy mood, but the mix of the silky feelgood beat by J. Rhodes and a flurry of fed up bars by Rhymefest actually made me feel better...

"Nigga?! Was you raised in the forest with foxes?
It's my house! I shouldn't hafta hire a locksmith!"
sigh... Oh, Rhymefest... 


corance said...

Ha! I like how fed up he was in that song. Thanks for that, Samax.

samax amen said...

Yeah... I think Fest is at his best when he's fed up. Whether he's spitting political, or just on some 'get off my lawn' shit, Fest's rage is pure.

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