#nowPlaying "Soul Check" by SK the Greatest, Bavu Blakes & Kendra Christel

Here's some new music featuring the mighty Bavu Blakes courtesy of the fine folks at GMGO Music. "And now," Bavu said as he shared Soul Check on Facebook, "a song your whole family can enjoy. File under summertime, family bbq, throwback, soulful..."

Good stuff. The track by SK the Greatest and vocals by Kendra Christel on Soul Check definitely evoke the spirit of whatever summer holiday excuses firing up the grill and handling some backyard business, so it's fitting that it dropped on Father's Day weekend. For his part, Bavu applies the Finding Forester method to produce a couple nice verses for rap nerds (like me) to dissect over their ribs and leg quarters. So click here and cop this joint for a dollar and put it on your summer jam mix. There's lots of barbecues coming the next few months, you know...



Unknown said...

Salutations! Many thanks for the review. This is the first single from the GMGOmusic compilation album produced by SK The Greatest. A soulful selection with a vibe fit for a summertime cookout, or any other gathering of family and friends. Peace and blessings to Bavu Blakes and Kendra Christel for lacing the track with all that soulful goodness. BBQ sauce and all...

I'd like to invite you to check out the newly released, full length compilation album. If you like Soul Check, there might be something else that catches your ear. At any rate, let me know what u think. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Samax said...

Don't know how I missed this comment, but I appreciate you big time. Thanks I am listening to the record now... Good stuff!

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