Peep some art from the fourth chapter of Vertigo's 6 issue Django Unchained adaptation below.

I freaking love this art by R.M. Guera and Jason Latour. Wish they would have done the art for the whole series. But it ain't show friends, it's show business... 
Anyways, Django Unchained #4 is in stores now.



Arkonbey said...

Man, I have to say: that cover bugs me.

Why is is Django tipping his hat with the barrel of his pistol? Why is the back brim of his hat all cut off and strange-looking? Why does he have a tiny, mutant arm coming out of his chest?

I know what they were trying to do in the last one, but it doesn't work. It creates a very strange silhouette and looks really added on. Badly.

samax amen said...

Ha ha! Yeah, that cover is pretty weak! Strange, because this series has had lots of awesome covers.

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