Due mostly to the onset of my latest bout with art-career-induced poverty, I wasn't able to buy the last two issues of GODZILLA: HALF CENTURY WAR,, so I wasn't able to review the whole story for you. But I'm happy to report that the trade paperback is out now, and it's awesome.

For the record, Half Century War tracks the infatuation of Japanese soldier Ota Murakami with the sky-scraping monster Godzilla. Over the course of his military career, Murakami and his ever-evolving team of monster hunters follow, attack, and are swept aside my the great radioactive beast.

James Stokoe (Orc Stain, Wonton Soup,Sullivan's Sluggers), a master monster maker in his own right, clearly loves Godzilla, and packs Half Century War with monsters and situations that long-time Godzilla fans will love. His Godzilla is swollen with power and the destruction he and the other monsters create in Stokoe's hands would make a summer blockbuster blush. He also does a wonderful job with the human elements of the story, which revolve around Murakami and his colleagues.
Again, I haven't bought the trade yet, so I have no idea how it ends. Still, I am totally comfortable giving GODZILLA: HALF CENTURY WAR my highest recommendation.



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corance said...

Stokoe is a beast!

BTW, that Sullivan's Sluggers was pretty great, too.

samax amen said...

If I had money I would go to the store and cop this RIGHT NOW!

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