The Muthaf#%$n Rapture got my drawing of his wife @MoneyStax tatted on his arm

 Nothing gets rid of the frustration like getting tagged in a Facebook photo of a drawing you did of a rapper you like tattooed on the arm of another rapper you like...
Okay, so a few years ago I wrote a totally sincere, but very shining review of The Vagina Chronologue, the debut album of the extra dope female duo Vicious Cycle. That put me in the good graces of Money Stax, one of the talented ladies involved. I soon met her husband David (and two of their sons) at a gathering of friends that included my daughter (two years old at that time), DJ and producer M. Slago and his girl, my good friend Kristy (aka Guerillamilk) at an astronomy exhibit at Fair Park. I had no idea at the time that David was also a beast of an emcee known as The Rapture until after the fact.  As it turns out, Rapture and Stax also make records together, under the moniker Conscious Operations (the Co-Op). It's the most adorable thing I've ever seen, in a "ain't nothin' sweet here, son" kinda way.
So anyways, Rap reached out to me a couple months ago to draw Stax as a superhero for a tattoo he wanted to get, and of course, I jumped at the chance. Rapture likes X-Men, and sent me some pics of X-chicks for reference, which only made me more excited...

Stax by Samax Amen
Here's the black and white, which he eventually got on his arm. I actually did a color version which he liked, but he didn't get any color on the tat, at least not yet.
Stax (color) by Samax Amen
Although I like the color drawing I did, I really like the tattoo in just black! This isn't the first time I have done a tattoo design for somebody, but it is definitely the biggest drawing of mine I have seen etched into skin so far. It's a huge honor to me every time someone commissions me to have my art tattooed on their body. 
This is extra-special of course, because I appreciate Rapture and Money's art as much as they appreciate mine.



Arkonbey said...

I think there are very few compliments an artist can receive that are greater than someone getting that work placed permanently on someone's body.


samax amen said...

Exactly. It was a commission, so I had time to prepare my mind, but I still wasn't ready for it! The next time I see him in person, I will probably freak out!

Ola said...

Sooooo dooope!! Damn man, your work, immortalized on someone's skin... Wow, isall I can say! What a testament to your talent, man..great job!!

samax amen said...

I know, right?! He'll be telling a story about something I drew for the rest of his life!

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