Idris Elba's monologuing in the new Pacific Rim trailer... AND WE LOVE IT!

As you know, I'm geeking for Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming mobile-suit vs Kaiju spectacle Pacific Rim. I'm also a big time cheerleader for Idris Elba, so I instinctively salute the screen every time his character Stacker Pentecost enters the scene...

I don't think Elba is going to be the star of Pacific Rim per se, but they are obviously not above using him to sell the picture, so I hope his role and screen time are significant. Whatever the case, I'm down for some giant robot (well, the Jaegers are technically not robots, since they have pilots) versus giant monster action. Pacific Rim opens July 12th. Here's hoping the black dude survives (but I won't hold my breath).


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