Hilarious romantic comedy "The Dog Years" is back! Peep a preview here!

 It's been a minute, but our favorite romantic comedy webcomic The Dog Years has returned to the internet! Well, it never went anywhere... But there's a new issue online. Jalissa is back on the market, and it looks like her galpal Kirklynn is having man problems of her own...

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GhettoManga Award-Winning cartoonist Andre Roberts returns with the mix of raw humor and drawing chops that made this one so enjoyable when I first ran into it back in the day! Roberts does a great job using flashbacks to get inside the character's heads a little bit without slowing down the laughs. If you've never read The Dog Years, I encourage you to click here to buy the paperback which collects the first five issues, which made my BegBorrowSteal list when it first came out. In case you have trust or cashflow issues, go to TheDogYears.com and read all eight issues for free online!  Now that issue eight is out, I hope we'll see more issues (and the next print volume) coming soon! For now, click here to like The Dog Years on Facebook.



Airbrush Kustomz said...

Got to give mad propz to my boy Dray, a true artist, mentor n great friend. If it wasn't for you my art would never had progress or been at the level its in now. Working for him and next to him has being amazing and a privilege and I thank you for that. people do buy his work, cause one day it will be worth more than what you paid for, but in the mean time it'll make your home look dope.

samax amen said...

Yep. Dray's the man! Thanks for dropping by, fam!

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