CLASSIC MATERIAL- "Looney Tunes: A Hound for Trouble"

I just finished watching this Looney Tunes episode where ousted stowaway Charlie the Dog finds himself in Italy. His inability to speak Italian doesn't hinder him from getting his hustle on...

Massive shout-out to the homie Oladele Barr (he drew the notorious B.I.G. piece in our Undead Celebrities issue) for posting this. This shit had me dying!  I grew up on the Looney Tunes joints, but hadn't seen this one pro'lly since I was knee-high. 

Here's another favorite starring Sylvester, Spike and Chester. Spike reminds me of the rapper Sean Price. Special shout out to the panther, who handles business for his fellow feline but keeps it covert. Real gangsters walk in silence and all that.



Ola said...

I used to LOVE that "Spike" cartoon! I grew up on these on Saturday morn to, with a big, honking bowl of Crunch Berries! Thanks for the props, man!

samax amen said...

No problem! You're a SHARING MACHINE!

B_Steelo said...

For some reason that customer reminds me of Ceelo Green. Mel Blanc is the illest

samax amen said...

CEELO?!? That's AWESOME, Steelo! Now I need to watch it again...

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