In stores now- PRINCELESS: Short Stories Volume 1

 Trust me. You need to get your hands on this new Princeless Short Stories Volume 1 trade paperback, featuring more stories starring swashbuckling young Princess Adrienne and her friends...
Here's the sales pitch:
The first ever collected edition of Princeless short stories is finally available from Action Lab! Want to know more about Bedelia Smith? Curious about what happens to Prince Wilcome after King Ashe throws him in jail? Want to spend more time with the Princesses Ashe? Get all this and more from a variety of hot young artists as we collect the first four issues of short stories from the Eisner-nominated world of Princeless!

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the debut of Jeremy Whitley's girl-centric fantasy joint Princeless took the indie comics world by storm and helped put fledgling indie publisher Action Lab Entertainment on the map, but if it is I guess you'll hafta humor me. I had never heard of Whitley or Action Lab before stumbling into the first two issues of Princeless at my comic shop, and I couldn't find many other people who had either. But by the time the first story arc was collected into Princeless: Save Yourself
comic shops couldn't keep it in stock. In 2012, Princeless won Glyph awards for Best Female character, Story of the Year, and Best Writer for Jeremy Whitley. 

At the time all this was going down, I was too busy to say I told you so. So I'm doing it now. If you already have 1 and 2, go ahead and CLICK HERE to cop Princeless: Short Stories Volume 1. If you're brand new to Princeless, all three books are available on

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for a living. CLICK HERE to buy a copy of his artbook SPONTANEOUS Volume 1. He's thinking about doing another one soon, so stay tuned...
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