This cover for Batwing #31 by Dan Panosian is sick. Neither Batwing nor Dan Panosian appear in this preview below, but it's still worth peeping.
Here's the sales pitch:
Batwing faces his most dangerous mission yet – traveling straight into the madness that is The Gotham Underground to put an end to those behind The Uprising! Will Batman, Incorporated be in the market for a new Batwing? Or is our hero ready to prove himself once and for all?

That rat dude is setting off my WTFometer... but other than that, I got nothing. Good to see that Batwing has made it this far. Thirty plus issues is good for a new character at the majors, especially a person of color. Sadly, I can't comment on Batwing too much, since I have never read it, other than the previews I post for you
It will be interesting to me to see if the Batwing character endures or is able to become and remain noteworthy. Batwing #31 hits stores May 7th.


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