That dude @DaShade goes HOLLYWOOD or something! #ThankYouALot

All the rappers I like are awesome. We have established that, right? But now it looks like Austin-based emcee, action choreographer, and nerd ninja Da'Shade Moonbeam is gonna distinguish himself as the most multi-talentedest rapper I ever heard of by adding actor to his long list of side hustles. It's true! Peep this trailer for Thank You a Lot and TELL ME you didn't feel it like fingers, tough guy...
Here's the sales pitch: 
Jack Hand is a two-bit hustler and bottom-rung music manager with a questionable reputation. His dwindling social circle is made up of his only remaining clients; a hip-hop artist and an indie-rock band. Jack's next best asset is his talented but estranged musician father, James Hand, a highly respected and reclusive songwriter whose legacy goes a long way in a town like Austin, Texas. Jack is forced by his management company to sign his musician father to a management deal or lose his job and threaten the livelihood of his only friends. Jack hustles his way through a vibrant and diverse music scene as he struggles to keep his clients and create a bond with his estranged father.
Seriously though, Da'Shade reached out to me to let me know about this, and I decided I would share it before even watching the trailer. Just on general principle, seen?  After looking at the trailer, I think this movie will be pretty dope. I actually felt for Jack in the short space of this trailer. I'm sure his dad and him have mad issues... Or maybe his dad is just a douche? Who knows? Gotta watch it to find out. Because this isn't a Hollywood film, I can't promise you a feelgood Jerry Maguire ending.  I have no idea how this will turn out, and that's okay with me. It looks to be a good story.
Thank You A Lot is getting great reviews, and was sold out at the Dallas International Film Festival. There's a special screening on the calendar of Dallas's hella fresh Angelika Theater next week, but it will only happen if enough tickets are reserved on Tugg, the movie-centric Kickstarter-esque crowd funding site. The screening is on Tuesday June 3rd, from 7:30-9:40 PM. After the screening there'll be a Q&A with filmmakers Matt Muir and Chris Ohlson, along with cast members from the film, including James Hand and Da'Shade Moonbeam. So act like you know. 
All my Dallas peeps should click here to get down with that! And in case you're wondering why I care that Da'Shade is in this movie:

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for a living.  CLICK HERE to buy a copy of Samax's artbook SPONTANEOUS Volume 1. He's thinking about doing another one soon, so stay tuned... 
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Anonymous said...

I am so proud...I am so proud.

samax amen said...

You should be! This film looks fresh!

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