WOW! Check out this AWESOME new comic JACK KRAKEN by Tim Seeley and @RossCampbelll!

 So I was browsing the internets looking at previews of all the comics I can't afford to buy, and came across this DOPE monster hero comic JACK KRAKEN by Tim Seeley and Ross Campbell!
The Sales pitch:
Jack Kraken is the best agent the Humanoid Interaction Agency has. Using his extranormal powers, Jack protects humans and humanoids alike from those who would kill them. Follow Jack’s adventures rescuing kids and stopping the things that go bump in the night

What a cool character! I know Ross is a fan of monster heroes from his comics Mountain Girl, Shadoweyes, Glory and of course his love of the Ninja Turtles, and he's staying in his lane here. The art on Jack Kraken is in collaboration with Tim Seeley, who also writes. I can definitely see Ross's hand in there, and he and Tim make a killer team! Hope this book does well, as I definitely want to see more!
So get your financing together, because Jack Kraken hits stores May 14th!

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