WHOA! Planet Asia + TriState drop a THROWBACK joint!

This Planet Asia video Trouble f/TriState is brand new... it's teasing Asia's upcoming album Black Belt Theatre... but it feels like a classic record from back in the day...

Intoxicated by Self

Greetings, fam! I'm pleased to show you some artwork from Texas-to-NYC transplant Dawn Okoro, from her aptly (and cleverly) titled Selfsploitation Project.

Lauryn wants YOU!

Okay, I beat you over the head with commentary yesterday, but it's Friday, so I will be happy to simply post the video for Fugee-La, along with one of many dope remixes featuring an appearance by pre-prison-bid Refugee Camper John Forte...

I used to love Her...

As Lauryn Hill Week continues here on GhettoManga, I figure it's about time I shared some art along with the youTubery...


Lauryn Hill Week continues...

happy Wednesday, fam! Congratulations for making it to the middle of the week... Get through today and it's all downhill from here! To help you turn the momentum of the week in your favor, here's one of our favorite Lauryn Hill bangers, Everything Is Everything, off her multiple grammy winning smash The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill...

PREVIEW ART for POWER MAN #1 is here

my dude Wallrus at BlackSuperhero Fan was the first to mention to me anything about Marvel creating a new teen superhero using the name Power Man (y'know, since Luke Cage isn't using it anymore). Now I repatriated this art by Mahmud Asrar (Dynamo 5) from ComicBook Resources for you... so check out this Shadowland: Powerman preview art and tell me what you think

Start the day off RIGHT ---->

Lauryn Hill week continues here on GhettoManga, and since Lauryn didn't drop any rhymes in that mystery track that exploded onto the in'ernet this weekend, today here's some vintage raps from the Fugee-la days...

that New AHMAD

This is why i f*cks wit Ahmad! put your hand behind your ear and listen to Nig Can't Tell Me Nunt and keep your nose open for son's new record...

new + Lauryn Hill = download this

Saw this on the Jungle45 blog, and had to go get the 411 to repost for my peoples... Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo: Lauryn is officially Back in effect...

retro Heroes for Hire mini, anyone?

Your man Dan Panosian (X-factor: Forever, Drink and Draw, Volume 1) has worked up a fresh proposal for a new Heroes for Hire miniseries set in the seventies (for all my readers who can't let go of the classic 'sweet christmas' Luke Cage), tentatively called Brothers & Gangsters. If Marvel doesn't do this, I will say "Marvel doesn't care about Black People" the next time I'm on TV or radio (which does happen from time to time), at the most inappropriate time possible.

WARNING: Machete will NOT be another PG-13 action movie!

Robert Rodriguez continues to cement himself as the One-man savior of the action-movie genre with this red band trailer for his upcoming Mexploitation splatterfest Machete. I'm pleased to warn you: this trailer is DEFINITELY NOT safe for work!!!

Blueprint interview on CWR

If you've been paying attention, you probably know I cut for Columbus, OH emcee/beatsmith/labelboss Blueprint of GREENHOUSE, Rhymesayers, and Weightless Records. I'm also really feeling Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, so you know I'm geeking for this interview where Menace and Montana get with 'print talking about the new GREENHOUSE record, as well as his seemingly endless variety of hustles.

Ski Beatz + the mighty Mos Def = HELL YES!!!

Please peep this video for Cream of the Planet by Ski Beatz, featuring the mighty Mos def. It's dope. carry on...

Ricky Powell gets Loose on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio

For an insider look at golden age hip hop and photography, catch a listen to honorary Beastie Boy and legendary rap photographer Ricky Powell building with Montana and Menace on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio.

Frazetta's "Conan The Destroyer" sells for 1.5 mil

I bet you thought YOU liked the late, great Frank Frazetta, didn't you? Yeah, me too... but apparently, someone else likes his work a little more than us...

cop that New GREENHOUSE for FREE

Need some new music? We gotchoo... Weightless Recordings proudly presents Electric Purgatory part Two, by the mighty GREENHOUSE crew. peep...

Need Beats? Get @FredBruno!

that dude Freddie Bee Are YOU know of Phonetic Composition and the mighty Deepspace 5 crew is back again with that raw food for your system... Here's some new beats from his latest bandcamp offering!

New GANTZ teaser

Check out the new teaser that's been released for Shinsuke Sato's upcoming two-part live-action adaptation of Gantz, which is itself based on Hiroya Oku's ballsy sci-fi action manga of the same name.

the mighty Pharoahe Monch (and more) Interviewed on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio!

GhettoManga Award-Winning emcee and producer the mighty Pharoahe Monch was interviewed by the fine folks at Conspiracy Worldwide Radio on Friday's show. Also interviewed this week, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, Detroit emcee and beatmaker Black Milk, and King Magnetic!

Harlem Book Fair: Black Comix Discussion on C-SPAN!

The authors of Black Comix: African American Independent Comics, Art and Culture (John Jennings and Damian Duffy, if you ain't already know), as well as other luminaries in black comics and prose like Dawud Anyabwile (Brotherman) and L.A. Banks (Vampire Huntress) are participating in a conversation about literacy in the digital age. The panel discussion is taking place at the Harlem Book Fair, so if you're in the area, check it out! It will also be broadcast on C-SPAN tonight July 17 at 6.45 pm. If you don't have cable, don't worry! We gotchoo...

PREVIEW: Thunderbolts #146 (more Luke Cage)

In his silent bid to get a movie made, Luke Cage is taking over the Marvel Universe. In addition to helming the New Avengers and starring in his own miniseries, Luke is also the HNIC of the Thunderbolts now (who says brothas don't wanna work hard!?). But seriously, this book is dope! The combination of Kev Walker and colorist Frank Martin are MURDERING the art on this book (as is Darko Djurdjevic [i'm so glad this is a blog and not a podcast right now...] on the covers). And jiggety Jeff Parker is holding down the writing chores quite nicely... You'll get all the info you need in the preview below

Puh-puh-puh-puh-puh POWER(man)!

Okay, maybe it's just me, but this whole New Avengers preview had me cracking up because it reminds me of the Old Spice Bodywash commercials with Terry Crews (Idiocracy, Balls of Fury, Everybody Hates Chris, Are We There Yet, The Expendables) kicking buildings, flexing his pecs and hollering for comedic value. Sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes I'm offended by them... just depends on the mood I'm in. Anyways, peep the preview (and one of the Old Spice commercials) below

DOOMWAR #6 preview art

So I copped this preview art from DOOMWAR #6 off'a CBR for you... looks like your man Victor Von Doom has whooped everybody and he's running through his obligatory pre-deathblow-delivery rant. Since these pages are unlettered, I will assume that the black dude with the tight pants and 'good' hair is T'challa, the Black Panther. I like how Doom's boys are rolling up on Obama in that double page montage... Doom pro'lly endorsed the other guy. Anyways, enjoy the pages

Motor City Black Age of Comics Joins African World Festival

If you were planning on attending the Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention in Detroit, you should know that they are linking up with the African World Festival of Detroit. August 20-22, 2010 and will continue to be a part of the festival in the future. Here's an excerpt from a letter I received about the change today from Andre L Batts of Motor City Black Age:

Comicbook World #48- I'm feeling so #Robophobic right now...

Okay, so we already know they have built giant Gundam and Gigantor robots in Japan, so not to be outdone, the Chinese constructed a life-size Optimus Prime in Beijing's Olympic Park. Of course, my Latent robophobia is kicking in like crazy.

"My Sacrifice" video #bavuTube

I've been bumping the song My Sacrifice from Bavu's mixtape The Woodgrain Collection for years, but had no idea there was a video for it!

Start the Day off RIGHT

Feast your ears on The Reconstruction by Ensilence, a west Pennsylvania spitter who demonstrates a healthy respect for herself, her listener, and back-packer rap classics...

Make Comics! You could save a life...

My wife's evil preteen sister is in town  for her yearly visit, this time for a whole month. So, as you might imagine (especially if you knew her), I'm in the mood to draw some violence against a child! Luckily for me (and her), I'm still finishing up chapter 2 of MANCHILD: Birthday Boy for the summer issue of GhettoManga Quarterly.

Just Gave away two FREE Copies of Felipe Smith's PEEP CHOO

yup. I went to the Post Office this morning and dropped off a couple copies of Felipe Smith's new book Peepo Choo for the contest winners.

Start the Day off RIGHT!

Here's Elementary, one of my favorite songs from one of favorite crews, the mighty Deepspace 5.

((pure ignorant fun))

Do you cringe every time you hear the word 'swagger' (or it's abbreviated form 'swag')? Do you wish some of these rappers would put a shirt on? Find yourself mad at how wack some of these rappers are? Don't let them give you high blood pressure fam, just watch some of these parody vids by the fine folks of Be Yo Own Boss Entertainment. This one is a classic! feast your eyes and ears on Shawt Bus Shawty...

peep this New Machete Trailer...

After enduring all these date-night ass, pg-13 action films, I bet you're anticipating the release of Robert Rodriguez's new mexploitation/ grindhouse revival flick Machete more than ever... Well, join the club! Peep the new trailer below, and get ready to feel the love... Machete hits theaters September 3rd!

Gorilla Pimpin'...

Marvel's love for primates continues with this 3 issue Gorilla-Man mini. In addition to this fresh cover by the unholy reverend Dave Johnson (100 Bullets, Unknown Soldier), I got a 6 page preview for you below.

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