Need Beats? Get @FredBruno!

that dude Freddie Bee Are YOU know of Phonetic Composition and the mighty Deepspace 5 crew is back again with that raw food for your system... Here's some new beats from his latest bandcamp offering!

<a href="">OtisTender - 300 by Freddie Bruno</a>
Imagine you're a dope rapper spitting over these beats (well, first imagine yourself paying fred for them, but you know what i'mean)... that's money in the bank, right? Okay, so if you're hankerin' for a hunk o' that funky stuff, Get at Fred here or hit 'im up on Twitter. Telling him ya heard it on GhettoManga pro'lly won't get you the beats any cheaper...  but it couldn't hurt, that's for sure!

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