PREVIEW King City #10 by Brandon Graham

Things are getting ready to jump off as KingCity nears it's fateful conclusion... I'm actually getting kind of sad that the fun is almost over...
but enough of that! We're ten issues deep outta twelve, and you're starting to get the feeling that some of the players are not making it out of this bad boy alive! Anyways, I got some preview pages off the world wide web for you... smoke 'em if ya got 'em tough guy!
here's the sales pitch:
The Demon King returns! While its evil casts a dark shadow over King City, Pete has to go deep into an alien brothel to save the green-skinned girl. Earth may not be big enough to contain this high stakes adventure!

yep looks like there's been a fan-shit collision of some sort! can't wait to get my hands on this issue to read the whole thing! King City # 10 hits comic shops July 8th.


Entlover said...

There are always Universe So Big and Multiple Warheads. Universe So Big is my favorite, though the 3rd part has never been published yet.

samax said...

I've never read "Universe So Big"... I need to look for that one. thanks for putting me on!

I've seen some preview work for the new MW joint, and I can't WAIT to see that joint!

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