New GANTZ teaser

Check out the new teaser that's been released for Shinsuke Sato's upcoming two-part live-action adaptation of Gantz, which is itself based on Hiroya Oku's ballsy sci-fi action manga of the same name.

Warner Bros Japan plans to drop the first installment in theaters January 2011 and the second in spring 2011.


Arkonbey said...

Ooooo. The next question is: I U.S. theaters with subtitles?

Oh, this would make a dream double-feature with the new live action Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato!

What was neat in the trailer was how they compared the manga character with the live action character.

samax said...

the words "in select theaters" in your future... luckily, Dallas is juuust classy enough to have a couple art house theaters, an asian film festival (yes!) and a couple large anime conventions. I'll see it one way or another!

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