Frazetta's "Conan The Destroyer" sells for 1.5 mil

I bet you thought YOU liked the late, great Frank Frazetta, didn't you? Yeah, me too... but apparently, someone else likes his work a little more than us...
because Frazetta's 1971 painting Conan the Destroyer sold for one and a half million on Wednesday at San Diego Comicon. Yeah, that's 1.5 million DOLLARS.
I thought the Frazetta pieces would start soaring in value once he passed a couple months ago. The blood's in the water now... 



Art Love said...

It's a great painting. That price goes to a lot of abstract works, but rarely to modern fantasy works. Frazetta was amazing,and this is a strong depiction of a popular character.

I agree that others will start to sell very high.

Arkonbey said...

It would have been cooler if FF got the money.

I guess I'm often leery of individuals with disposable income like that. I'm not jealous, but while I think that is an awesome work of art, I can't help but think of the many charities would have benefited from a cool million and a half.

To lighten the mood, I'll suggest that neither Boris Vallejo nor Julie Bell are fit to clean Frank Frazetta's brushes.

samax said...

The price speaks to Frazetta's historical significance, I think.

As an artist, I've dealt with the cruel probability that I'll be worth more dead than alive (monetarily anyways). Not something that excites me, but a reality nonetheless.

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