that new Vinnie Paz joint #thugIsTheDrug

Okay, so I was listening to that Conspiracy Radio Podcast while working on some comicbook pages and heard a song so hard that I had to find out who it was... using my clandestine internet research tactics (google) I found out it was Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks... the song was called Warmonger, it's from Vinnie's solo album Season of the Assassin and this mess is dope!
Now before you press play, I must warn you: this is not safe for work. It will upset your stepdad. If your girl hears it, she will look at you differently from now on. If you are a girl, be sure you are prepared for some misogyny, homophobia and verbal battery. In short, this song is freaking awesome, but NOT for everybody! In a perfect world, all UFC fighters would run out with this kinda stuff playing in the background. But it seems not all mixed martial artists have the good taste in music that I have... so keep going to them for creative ways to knock people the f*ck out, and keep coming to me for quality rap music.
Anyways,Vinnie has a knack for taking thuggery to the next level with actual lyrics, as Jedi Mind Tricks fans already know. If you like this, he has a new album out called Season of the Assassin which is more of the same.


Vee (Scratch) said...

THAT WAS FIRE. I never heard of him, but I think I'll begin to check for him.

Note, UFC cats can walk out to whatever tracks they request.

samax said...

yeah, well they need to request THIS!

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