DC Announces All-Star Superman Adaptation

According to comicbook and cartoon writer Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League of America, Justice League Unlimited, Milestone Comics) his next project will be a small screen animated adaptation of Grant Morrison's brain-melting opus All-Star Superman!  I'm not a huge Superman fan, but I can recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story, not just comics fans. If the excellence Morrison and Quitely brought to the writing and art of this book is reflected in any way by the architects of the cartoon, it will be a crown jewel for Warner Bros Animation. I honestly don't expect it to be anywhere near as awesome as the comic, but if they can just scrape the surface of the comic's dopeness, it'll be EPIC!
For those who missed it, All-Star Superman throws off all the limits the last 30 years of comics have placed on the Man of Steel and shows why anyone would (or should) like him in the first place. Morrison's Superman drips with all the nostalgia that people enjoy about the character, but his writing is so futuristic that it doesn't irritate me. This version of Metropolis doesn't feel like it wants to be 1950, and that helps a lot. Morrison's Superman stories lack the ham-fisted, thoughtlessness I hate and retain the feeling that anything can happen. His Lex Luthor is actually smart enough to match wits with Kal-el, the son of a brilliant alien scientist.

Frank Quitely's art on All-Star Superman is flawless. Like Morrison's script, Quitely's art walks the dangerous line between nostalgia and futurism gracefully and masterfully. I have often walked away from a Morrison/Quitely book wishing that Morrison would work with no one BUT Quitely, and this book made me feel the same way. Or at the very least, that when they collaborate, if Quitely is late with pages, just WAIT on him! Fill-in artists on a Quitely book never, ever measure up, and ultimately ruin the reading of the story as a whole (I'm looking at YOU, E is for Extinction)... but now I'm rambling...
A lotta people would be disappointed to see this story as a video release instead of  a live-action theatrical blockbuster, but not me. I've been unimpressed with movies lately in general, and certainly with comics-related films, so hopefully they will do a little small-screen justice to the Kryptonian on this animated feature...


Arkonbey said...

I'm going to have to check this out. I really liked the Morisson/Quitely We3 book.

samax said...

We3 is one of my favorite books ever! A great self-contained comicbook story.

Elias Infinity said...

YES!!! The JL joint with evil copies was incredible. I look forward to this one. The may not give McDuffie enough love in the print world but they can't touch his success in animation.

samax said...

I agree 100% Elias!

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