Ahmad + Crooked I = JEAUH!!!!

That dude Ahmad is in the lab working on one of the records I've been patiently waiting for, his new joint The Death of Me. Need proof positive that this joint's gonna be pure FIRE? I submit to you, exhibit a: Get Some Money & Go to Jail featuring your man Crooked I from Slaughterhouse...

I understand if you're saying "Ahmad? Where have I heard that name before"... While your favorite emcee was getting locked up, Ahmad went to college and stuff... anyways, he got his letters and he's back, and he's going Obama on these emcees! Last I heard, the record was dropping August 10th. I for one can hardly wait! After you peep the vid, refresh your memory about Ahmad, so you won't be tempted to sleep on the new joint, seen?


big shane said...

"We wannabes, why you the last ta know? mama say without no cheese there'll be no tuna casserole"

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Damn, das' good!


samax said...

"But driving while black, that destroyed all my pipe dreams... pulled over so much my record could not be wiped clean" -Crooked I

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