Make Comics! You could save a life...

My wife's evil preteen sister is in town  for her yearly visit, this time for a whole month. So, as you might imagine (especially if you knew her), I'm in the mood to draw some violence against a child! Luckily for me (and her), I'm still finishing up chapter 2 of MANCHILD: Birthday Boy for the summer issue of GhettoManga Quarterly.

now don't go calling the authorities... no actual children were harmed in the making of this comic! Besides which, this kid gives as good as he gets... but I'm getting ahead of myself. For those unwilling to go digging through the old posts to put together what the hell is going on with MANCHILD, just be patient, as the new issue of the magazine will be out soon. You can cop his first ever print appearance in GMQ here or subscribe to the magazine here (if you want, you can get the first chapter with your subscription). For those on the other side of the cheap/broke divide, there will be a MANCHILD webcomic launching later on this year that you can read 100% free, so it's all good either way, right?
Anyways, back to the drawing board!


Arkonbey said...

man, is she really that evil? Is it active evil or just 'doesn't know any better' evil?

Either way, remember: you can get more with a kind word and a big stick than you can with just a kind word.

samax said...

I don't know how evil you have to be to be considered "THAT evil" but she passed "doesn't know any better" a long time ago.

That said, I have a low tolerance for evil. She has NO respect for her parents... She's lazy... dishonest... brags about being mean to her friends and family...

As for me, I'm definitely a "kind word with a big stick" kinda guy... she has behaved okay while she's been here THIS time.

She called her parents a couple times and was really disrespectful... I wanted to snatch the phone from her, but I left it alone.

My wife was off work last week, so I tried to stay away from her, but this week we are stuck together, and I feel like a bomb squad officer, waiting for THAT call...

Anonymous said...

LMAO poor Samax! So sorry you have to endure that but hang in there. She does it because her PARENTS allow her to speak to them that way however when we were growing up we'd have our teeth pushed down our throat or but spanked..."spare the rod, spoil the child" wow all i can say is take heed cause i refuse to allow my daughter to do me that way....God Bless and lucky for you the summer is almost over...give my lil cuz a kiss we miss her

samax said...


I'm hanging in there... like you said, summer's almost over. I think everyone's gonna get out without any bruises.

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