It's ULTRON Vs EVERYBODY In This Week's Episode of WHAT IF...?

This week's episode of What If...? starts with the Avengers failing to stop Ultron from reaching his final form, setting up a chain of events that transforms the genocidal A.I. into a threat of cosmic and even multiversal proportions.

You see them new STAHHR tees?!?! ♥

Gaaasp!  The first lady of the Metal Face familia, Stahhr dropped this peek at her upcoming tee shirt drop on the Twitter machine, and I am in full "mommy I wan' it" mode...

#NewVideo - CLOUD POUR by Qwazaar & Batsauce

Look what I found while I was looking through my emails.

A picture and a few words about Dopamine


Once Again It's ON (S A L E)

Pegasus is one of my original characters that hasn't appeared in comics yet, but a few of y'all bought her tee shirt anyways...

It's fun to get notified that you guys are taking advantage of my tees being on sale. 

There's a method to the madness, fam

I'm helping my people get out the word about their upcoming comic THE MELANITES, which is dropping soon.

Brandon Graham Talks RAIN LIKE HAMMERS

I just recently started reading Brandon Graham's graphic novel RAIN LIKE HAMMERS*, so I couldn't resist watching this interview.

Peep this sketchbook monster, fam

AMEN Monster Sticker

This looks DOPE

I just ran into these images from MCMLXXV #1 on Twitter and was blown away by them!  Turns out you can read the first issue for free online.

Kickstart This- The GREAT FORCE

I just came across this Kickstarter campaign for a brand new teen superhero comic called THE GREAT FORCE, and it looks pretty cool.  Check out the preview art below.

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