Speed paint by Sean Mack for his pin up girl series THE RED BOOK. Also, more Revolutionary Times! WHOO-HOO!

My BLACK COMIX bredren Sean Mack (Revolutionary Times, The Red Book) draws girls. You like girls, right? Yeah, you like 'em...

"Say he foulest with the stylus. Graphic novel style violence. Moment of silence..." @7evenThirty (produced by @GensuDean)

Here's a couple free tracks off 7even:Thirty's upcoming album The Problem, produced by the mighty Gensu Dean. Also, a Sean Price sighting...


Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore continue to hold it down like oppression in this latest preview of Marvel's street-racing inspired relaunch of Ghost Rider.

"I am the daughter of royalty on some queen shit. Roots are lain in foreign soil on some Ben Vereen shit..." @SaRocTheMC

I heart Sa-Roc long time... Check out this new video for DC x ATLiens featuring Roc spitting over a dope Organized Noize beat...

#KickstartThis Furquan's First Flat Top by @RobertTrujillo

Our friend Robert TRES Trujillo is ready to publish his bilingual children's picture book Furquan's First Flat Top, and has just started a Kickstarter campaign to cover the expenses! Check it out!

Peep this preview of @TopCow's upcoming urban thriller GENIUS, with art by the lovely and talented @AfuaRichardson

If you're part of the "there's no black people making comics" crowd, or you're always screaming "there's not enough women artists in the industry"... You probably need to lay off the caffeine. But don't worry, I'm not gonna take your Starbucks from you. I just recommend you read this preview of the upcoming Top Cow series GENIUS while you sip your caramel macchiato...

Here's a bunch of art by @JimMahfood, because I said so...

You know I friggin' LOVE Jim Mahfood's art, right? Course you do! So I don't need an excuse to post a ton of his art on GhettoManga do I? Hell nawl I don't. So when I came across  a shitload of fresh FOOD ONE jawnts in my Facebook feed, you already know this was bound to happen...

#ScreamPhoenix number 6- Phoenix Jones disbands Rain City Superhero Movement?!?

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