"Say he foulest with the stylus. Graphic novel style violence. Moment of silence..." @7evenThirty (produced by @GensuDean)

Here's a couple free tracks off 7even:Thirty's upcoming album The Problem, produced by the mighty Gensu Dean. Also, a Sean Price sighting...

 So here's Filthy Rich, the latest single from 7even and Gensu. Sick. I wanted to do a new 7even:Thirty drawing for this post, but I gotta weekend job, so enjoy the old one again. 

I heard Hook Heavy a couple weeks ago, and shared it on social media, but I didn't wanna leave out ya'll that abstain from frivolous Facebooking and Twittering... so here you go.
Opening up Hook Heavy with a stanza full of Spider-man references that does not mention Spidey? Dope. Just so you know they're serious about this rap shit, 7even and Gensu got MegaSean on the track as well. Sean Price reminds me of the thug dudes who would befriend me in high school so they would have someone to talk to about comics and shit in between shaking down scrubs for lunch money. Just throwing that out there.
 Anyways, both these tracks can be copped for free from Mello Music Group via the magic of Bandcamp, so click here for that, and watch out for 7even:Thirty's sophomore album The Problem to drop worldwide on July 8th. Meanwhile, I gotta go fight the War on Poverty.

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