"Street Fighter finally gets the live action treatment it deserves..." @joebiam

"Calling all CAPCOM heads! Street Fighter finally gets the live action treatment it deserves via the Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Web Series and Movie. Released just a few weeks ago, the chronicles of Ryu & Ken will also be continued this fall via Funimation's DVD release. For those looking for the closest translation from the arcade to live action, this is it."
-Andrew Nichols, aka JoeBIam aka Lexicon Luther aka Dark Kent aka... 
Anyways, peep the webseries in its entirety via the magic of YouTube:

 "I expected ALL the cheesy acting and lines" Drew added on Facebook this morning... "but it was a SOLID 138 minutes. This was well planned and executed..."
Don't take Drew's word for it, check it out for yourself and let us know your opinion!

Drew is a Son, Brother, Grandpa, and Friend. Saw Grease at the drive-in. Back To The Future on a date. Ali throw a punch and Julius go baseline... Longtime GhettoManga familia.

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