Everybody likes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, okay?  That is a scientific fact. If you also like comic artist Andy Kuhn, you are really gonna love this...

Social Media Comment of the Week #1

"What's wrong with Slim Thug's blood?"

Start the Day off Right w/ Bishop Nehru

That one chick DJ Fusion put me on to Meathead, the new collab between Bishop Nehru and the mighty MF DOOM.  So I went ahead and peeped this cartoon video on Nehru's YouTube channel...

"Radiant" by Samax Amen

Here's a cool Note Card sketch I drew this week...

How are you doing, fam? I drew Deathlok...

Happy Birthday George Gant!

I don't talk about him enough, but that dude George Gant is one of my favorite cartoonists working right now!  

Today (April 21, 2020) is his 37th birthday.

As social media continues to choke the newspapers to death, comic strip artists hafta do their thing on the web and figure out how to make it pay.
Gant is one of the cats doing it right...

Peep This Edit of a Classic GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW Cover

Here's the original art for Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87, the first appearance of John Stewart, the Green Lantern most of kids today grew up on, much to the chagrin of racist comics dudes. This cover could have turned out a little different...

New York Rap Legend VAST AIRE Soldiering Through the Death of Both Parents

Our hearts go out to Cannibal Ox front man Vast Aire, who lost his father today.  He already lost his moms last month from complications of Coronavirus.

"The Dove Prince Sang about in Purple Rain cryin'..."

Everybody already knows that my favorite song on that Jay E-Z's album A Written Testimony is The Blinding. So when I see a nice looking visual, I fux wit it...

NowPlaying at GhettoManga HQ "With God" by Locksmith, Xzibit, + Ras Kass f/Brevi

"Let's eliminate the labor from the genre
Let the labels lactate fate in the form of karma
If you calmly disagree, they label you as a problem
I'ma be a thorn in they side 'til they embalm him

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Dat new Aesop Rock

We know you have a multitude of entertainment options while America's in it's various stages of quarantine.  Right now I'm spinning this new Aesop Rock joint Drums on the Wheel...

I'm in LOVE, y'all!

Based on true events... Not really.  Well, kinda?

What should I name this new sticker, fam?

Start the Day off RIGHT w/Eric B and Rakim

I maintain often that hip hop is in good health while my peers are tearfully lamenting its demise.  

It's understandable that they are so perpetually crestfallen about the state of hip hop.  

We were raised by Yo!MTV Raps and similar shows curating and delivering videos like Eric B & Rakim's Microphone Fiend on a daily basis...

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Remembering the mighty Bill Withers- (LIVE 1972)

These days death is coming down like rain.  
It almost seems unfair to single anyone out.  

But at the risk of being out of order, let's take a minute to appreciate the life and contribution of the late, great Bill Withers.

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