I'm in LOVE, y'all!

Based on true events... Not really.  Well, kinda?

Hey fam!

I'm working on a new episode of DJINNX, the hilarious comic strip I draw for my frequent client/collaborator J.R. LeMar about a genie who never fails to make a wish turn out wrong!

So for Throwback Thursday this week, I figured I'd show you this classic, which was a cross-over between DJINNX and Life Underwater, the mermaid strip I do with J.R.

I think it's hilarious that the genie doesn't believe in mermaids.  Also, J.R. specifically requested in the script that I draw myself as this doomed lovesick fool. 

He knows me better than I thought...

J.R. knows I enjoy drawing mermaids, and cooked up the Life Underwater strips just to take advantage of it! 

I'm gonna be up late finishing a new episode of DJINNX, and as soon as J.R. gives me the green light, I'll share it with you.

For now, catch up on Life UnderwaterDJINNX, and more on J.R.'s website MyComicStripClub.

Sticker of the Month
The limited edition Sticker of the Month for April is called Spirit Animal (thanks for helping me settle on the name, y'all).  Only 50 will be printed.

I got a text from the printer confirming the stickers will be delivered tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, so pre-orders will go out on Saturday.
"Spirit Animal" 3 x 3 inch Vinyl Sticker - $5 Each

If you like stickers, you should probably just join the SLAP ADDICTS STICKER CLUB.

SLAP ADDICTS Sticker Club members receive a 3+pack of stickers EVERY MONTH for just Ten Bucks!

Your sticker pack will include a BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION STICKER each month that you won't be able to buy anywhere else, PLUS at least two more stickers out of my stash.

In April, SLAP ADDICTS STICKER CLUB members will receive one of the few remaining copies of BBWW, plus Batman: Rise to the Occasion, and this month's sticker Spirit Animal!  All three of those are limited (less than thirty of the BBWW stickers are left), so join now before they're gone if you want 'em!
Join SLAP ADDICTS $10/month

Of the $10 you pay each month, I will donate $3 to help provide medical workers with protective gear to fight COVID-19.

Of course, you can cancel at any time, but why would you?  STICKERS!

I was planning on printing Pessimist Prime as the Sticker of the month for May, but based on your feedback, I'll include it with this month's sticker pack for SLAPS members.  The order for the last sticker will go to the printer on the 17th.

Well, I gotta get back to work.  Get at me if you have questions!

Peace, love, etc.

be safe out there . . .

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