Peep This Edit of a Classic GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW Cover

Here's the original art for Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87, the first appearance of John Stewart, the Green Lantern most of kids today grew up on, much to the chagrin of racist comics dudes. This cover could have turned out a little different...

I ran into this tweet by @BackintheBronze while on Monday night.  It's a great example of how working in creative teams goes.  This perfectly fine Neal Adams cover got tossed for a better redo.  
I would have been pissed if I was asked to redraw this.  Honestly, it would be the right choice to redraw it, but I would not like it.

The first drawing is perfectly fine.  

But the second pass is almost always better, and we see that Neal improved the emotional impact (without making Hal Jordan appear to be dead) in the second one.

That's an example of why I had to stop taking low-paying gigs.  You have to give yourself the ability to do a good job.

John Stewart is such an awesome and important character.  It's always cool to be reminded that he is not some kind of newbie.

This issue dropped in 1971.

peace, love, etc.
-Samax ("some AX")

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