My wife made me post this...

Got this off Funny or Die... It's Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown spoofing Bobby's classic video Every Little Step. I have no idea how old it is, but my wife must have gotten an email from one of her friends or something, because she would not stop harassing me until I watched it. I admit, it's pretty funny... I especially like the fact that the one dude has question marks on his arm, because he's not famous.

DOWNLOAD THIS----> "Constructicons" mixtape by The Lyricists!

One of my favorite crews returns with the Constructicons mixtape.

Black Dynamite + Adult Swim = HELLYES

That dude Carl Jones (The Boondocks) has released a couple stills from the new Black Dynamite cartoon he's producing for Adult Swim, and I figured you'd wanna see 'em...

this new track is VINTAGE Ice Cube...

from what I understand, this joint Pros Vs. Joes is NOT on Cube's new album I Am The West, but I thought it was tight nonetheless

Preview: CHEW #14

Greetings... Here's some preview pages to CHEW #14 which will be in stores tomorrow. Since I buy and read CHEW religiously in trade form, I look at these previews similar to watching movie trailers. CHEW is definitely a beg-borrow-steal item... something you must have by any means (or in whatever format) you can get it. If you've never read CHEW before, I recommend that you click here to read my observations and peep previews of00 earlier issues, rather than read the preview below. But hey, it's your call!

Start the day off Right w/Aesop Rock

"If Noah had the benefit of hindsight on his ship, he coulda snatched two unicorns and left behind the motherfucking pigs.."
-Aesop Rock

Start the Day off Right w/ErikL & 7even:Thirty and Hezekiah

'Morning, fam! Peep Future Flow by Erik L & 7even:Thirty featuring your man Hezekiah via the miracle of bandcamp.

Because YOU demanded it...

A couple readers here and there have been asking about Herman Heed. I've been hard at work on it since I wrapped the Fall 2010 issue of GhettoManga Quarterly . Here's the first chapter of Herman Heed: The Case of the Most Valuable Video Game Ever Made (or as I like to call it, Most Valuable). It's the second book starring the preteen detective and his rascally rival Cullen Caine. It's written by Abram Valdez and Brandon May, who work for the company that contracted me to draw it. The company uses the comics as part of a computer-based educational tool (they don't print them),  so working with this client means I get paid to draw well-written, multicultural comics, and help kids improve their reading skills at the same time!

Kool G Rap + CaniBus + Mark Deez = DOWNLOAD THIS

BootstRap by Mark Deez f/Kool G Rap and Canibus

Robert Blake Freestyle by Headkrack

Good morning, fammo... I been up all night drawing Herman Heed and listening to ceedees and youTube videos... so maybe it's the caffeine talking, but Headkrack's freestyle reenactment of the night Robert Blake "allegedly" merked his wife has me DYING right now!!! comedy GOLD, son...

Start the Day off Right w/Hezekiah, Kweli & Bahamadia

good morning! I never heard of this dude Hezekiah until yesterday, but I enjoyed this song Fired Up (f/Kweli and Bahamadia) off of his upcoming plate Conscious Porn, so I threw in some youTubery for your enjoyment, cause I'm cool like that...

Cube 'n Sons---> "She Couldn't Make it on Her Own" by Ice Cube f/ OMG & Doughboy

Here's Ice Cube, rapping longside his sons OMG and Doughboy (!)

ZEES hits you with Mini-Battle Men!

GhettoManga readers already know all about ZEES, who won our MF DOOM art contest and drew the cover art to the issue featuring the world's greatest rapping supervillain! Now ZEES is hard at work on a new webcomic called Mini Battle Men!  MBM tells the story of three invincible warriors who helped their planet overthrow the tyrannical bureaucrats who ruled for a century, only to find themselves horribly bored. Unable to bear the burden of living in a utopia, the trio set their sites on the Earth.

New Heroes for Hire Coming Soon!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Marvel is launching a new Heroes for Hire series starring Misty Knight that has some returning characters from previous H4H series (like Misty's man the Immortal Iron Fist, and the douchebag you love to hate, Paladin), not to mention a few eyebrow-raising surprise players.

PREVIEW: Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow

I'm not sure about Shadowland: Daughters of the Dragon. Not sure I like the artwork, or the handling of Heroes-for-hire alum Colleen Wing. But then, I haven't made up my mind about Shadowland in general. Having said that, it is intriguing enough that I keep posting the previews I'm finding on CBR, so I guess I'm kinda interested... I can say that I dig the cover by Jean-Baptiste Andreae.
Here's the Sales Pitch:
When Matt Murdock offered Colleen Wing the truth about her mother’s death, she knew there would be a price to pay. But the last thing Wing expected was to be made a lieutenant in his Shadowland in charge of the savage army of female assassins called the Nail. Just how far will Colleen go to slake the devil’s bloodlust…and what will her former allies say about her dark alliance?!

PREVIEW: "Black Panther: Man Without Fear"

GhettoManga fan response has been pretty consistent. You want T'challa back on Black Panther, and you want him back NOW! Well, I will not accuse Marvel of being responsive to your cries, but I did find these pages today, for something called Black Panther: Man Without Fear #513. Looks like T'challa is in Hell's Kitchen... maybe checking up on Daredevil (who seems to be going bonkers over in the Shadowland story Marvel's trying to sell me). There is reference on page 5 to the "Former Black Panther Still Missing" on a newspaper headline, and can that be my dude Everett K Ross?

PREVIEW: Eriq La Salle's new comic "25 to Life #1" (in stores NOW)

I know most people connect Eriq La Salle to his role on the hit hospital drama ER, but that was during my sabbatical from television, so he'll always be the prince of Soul Glo to me... For that reason, I kinda like the idea of him doing comics! I caught a glimpse of preview of his book 25 To Life from 12-Gauge awhile back on CBR, but forgot to blog about it (sorry), so I'm making up for it by posting this nice 8 page preview.

PREVIEW: Thunderbolts #148 (more Luke Cage)

is it even POSSIBLE for Marvel to let a comic be awesome on its own? Pro'lly not, so I'm not gonna complain about the fact that Thunderbolts #148 is the book's intro into the Shadowland mini-crossover going down at the so-called House of Ideas. If you haven't figured out that I ♥ Luke Cage (even as nondescript as he has become) then you might not  appreciate the degree to which I was feeling the Sho Nuff moment in the preview below. So, too avoid confusion, let me just say that mess had me DYING!

PREVIEW---> BLACK PANTHER: Klaws of the Panther #1

I'm not sure why Shuri the Black Panther is in the Savage Land in the Klaws of the Panther miniseries Marvel is debuting next month, so I won't embarrass myself trying to comment... just peep the preview art I snagged for you below.
Here’s the Sales Pitch:
Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Klaws Of The Panther #1, from bestselling author and mastermind behind Doomwar Jonathan Maberry along with artist Gianluca Gugliotta! The Black Panther faces her deadliest foe yet when Klaw, Master of Sound, returns to enact an evil plan that will wreak havoc from the Savage Land to the streets of New York! To foil Klaw, Shuri must battle her own inexperience and blinding rage. Can the Black Panther live up to the legacy of her name? Find out in Klaws Of The Panther #1!

Jamar Nicholas' FIST hits stores TOMORROW!

well, unfortunately, I was not able to use my (allegedly) close personal relationship with Jamar Nicholas to get him to leak any advance artwork from his groundbreaking new graphic adaptation of Geoff Canada's gripping memoir Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence. But the book will be in every major bookstore in the free world on Tuesday the 14th, so you can easily see for your damn self. According to those who HAVE seen this eyes-open look into ghetto culture, it's mustard

Terminator 2029 by Brandon Graham?

I've never read the Terminator 2029 comic, but judging from the fan art he did above, I'd buy it if Brandon Graham was drawing it. I think he should get a shot at it, and here's why:

Robot 13 gets Worldwide Release!!!!

Robot 13 trade paperback cover

And Now... Hip Hop!

Seasons change. Mad things rearrange. If you're looking to connect with some quality hip hop, peep this installment of Conspiracy Worldwide Radio.

Speaking of Ice Cube...

Ice Cube used to dominate my tape deck (I was late changing to ceedees...), and I rode with him hard from the NWA days all the way through his fourth solo album Lethal Injection, after which I pretty much lost interest. His albums became increasingly about regional beefing and celebrating other rappers I was totally uninterested in. I didn't really care for the G-funk sound of post-Chronic gangsta rap, either (which in my late-eighties-obsessed mind all sounded like inferior reiterations of classic EPMD), but of course Cube loved it.

PREVIEW: Millennia War Graphic Novel

By the time I found out about Ashley A. Woods' hella tight fantasy epic Millennia War, she had already let it out that she intended to collect the whole series into a trade paperback. In my scouring of the internet looking for info on the subject, I never found one negative comment about Millennia War, other than fans saying they couldn't wait for the next issue! So when I call this 224 page collection long-awaited and highly-anticipated, I know I'm not just tugging your chain. So what is Millenia War all about? peep the Sales Pitch and some preview pages below!

new drawing: Deathstroke

Slade (about 90 Minutes) by Samax Amen

Jim Mahfood Sketchbook binge...

frequent GhettoManga readers know I straight cuts for St Louis-to-Los Angeles transplant illustrator/painter/deejay/graf writer/ comics rock star Jim Mahfood. So that being the case, you should not be surprised that I'm geeking over the tidal wave of sketchbook pieces he's been dropping on his blog lately.

Bavu Blakes + Element7D = DOWNLOAD THIS!

Okay, so it's Labor Day, which doesn't mean much if you're one of 11 million (plus) Americans out of a job, but HEY! Here's some free music from the mighty Bavu Blakes and Element7D, known collectively as World Trade!

Cee Lo Green ain't bitter, he's bitter-sweet!

Cee Lo gives us an award-worthy vocal performance and video in his controversial, nostalgia-soaked new joint F*ck You. There's something to be said for singing a sad song with a smile in your voice, and I for one, am seriously feeling his pain...

PREVIEW: Samuel L Jackson's "Cold Space #4"

I got some preview pages here from the fourth and final issue of Cold Space, starring Sam L Jackson as interplanetary desperado Mulberry. here's the Sales Pitch:
From legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson and Emmy-nominee Eric Calderon (Afro Samurai)! The conflict between the warring factions has reached critical mass, and Mulberry wants his money! Will he survive the gang warfare? Will he get the hot chick? This is the comic finale of the year with Samuel L. Jackson’s stamp of approval, so don’t miss it! Covers by Dave Johnson and Jeffrey Spokes.

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