this new track is VINTAGE Ice Cube...

from what I understand, this joint Pros Vs. Joes is NOT on Cube's new album I Am The West, but I thought it was tight nonetheless

I could go for an album full of songs like this (props to E-A-Ski on the track). But what do I know?
I Am The West is available everywhere right now. To cop it on Amazon, click here.



B_Steelo said...

yeah it's cool. The beat is cool but I don't know how I feel about the flow. He says some cool verses though. I don't know man, after Amerikkka's Most and Death Certificate, it's hard for me to get past Predator for Ice.

samax said...

I enjoyed it enough. If this reflects the vibe of the record, that would be a good thing in my opinion.

corance said...

That was okay. Cube is actually capable of much better. If you check his last couple albums, he's still got madd skillz. He just talking about stuff I don't care about over whack beats.

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