PREVIEW: Samuel L Jackson's "Cold Space #4"

I got some preview pages here from the fourth and final issue of Cold Space, starring Sam L Jackson as interplanetary desperado Mulberry. here's the Sales Pitch:
From legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson and Emmy-nominee Eric Calderon (Afro Samurai)! The conflict between the warring factions has reached critical mass, and Mulberry wants his money! Will he survive the gang warfare? Will he get the hot chick? This is the comic finale of the year with Samuel L. Jackson’s stamp of approval, so don’t miss it! Covers by Dave Johnson and Jeffrey Spokes.

 I would be inclined to think your man Mulberry is in trouble here, except for two things: First of all, that cliffhanger worthy last panel, which implies he has an ace up his sleeve... and second he's made in the likeness of Sam L Jackson, the dude who's wallet says "bad muthaf*cka" on it. So we shall see! Cold Space #4 hits comic shop shelves today!

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