PREVIEW: Thunderbolts #148 (more Luke Cage)

is it even POSSIBLE for Marvel to let a comic be awesome on its own? Pro'lly not, so I'm not gonna complain about the fact that Thunderbolts #148 is the book's intro into the Shadowland mini-crossover going down at the so-called House of Ideas. If you haven't figured out that I ♥ Luke Cage (even as nondescript as he has become) then you might not  appreciate the degree to which I was feeling the Sho Nuff moment in the preview below. So, too avoid confusion, let me just say that mess had me DYING!

here's the Sales Pitch:
The Thunderbolts crossover with Shadowland begins here! Luke Cage heads into Hell’s Kitchen to pull his old friend back from the brink of madness. And if swarming ninjas aren’t enough, he's become aware of other forces that will make his task even harder. Going against the Warden and the government itself, Cage sends the T-Bolts in to level the playing field. But without his direct guidance, will this squad of killers and criminals make the situation even worse?
yeah, looks clean... Thunderbolts #148 will be available in stores this Wednesday the 15th, so scrape your pennies together.


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