ZEES hits you with Mini-Battle Men!

GhettoManga readers already know all about ZEES, who won our MF DOOM art contest and drew the cover art to the issue featuring the world's greatest rapping supervillain! Now ZEES is hard at work on a new webcomic called Mini Battle Men!  MBM tells the story of three invincible warriors who helped their planet overthrow the tyrannical bureaucrats who ruled for a century, only to find themselves horribly bored. Unable to bear the burden of living in a utopia, the trio set their sites on the Earth.

If this looks like your cup o' tea, get in on the ground floor! ZEES has six minisodes available for your perusal, just click here for more! If you didn't already know ZEES, click here to get familiar.


corance said...

This thing's got a weird energy, man. I'm feelin' it.

samax said...

yeah, ZEES is bonkers. I will post more of his recent stuff. He's doing a lot of cool, weird stuff.

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