DOWNLOAD THIS----> "Constructicons" mixtape by The Lyricists!

One of my favorite crews returns with the Constructicons mixtape.

It was love at first listen for me when I discovered the dynamic Detriot duo of Ill-tone and Rym- (B)enda on mySpace back in 2007... I've been collecting mp3s from these dudes ever since, and they are mustard, fammo! The Lyricists make hip hop the way I fell in love with it back in the day. These cats write rhymes and spit fire, bringing the combination of cleverness on the mic and battle-sharpened fearlessness that today's 'buzz'-addicted rap fans just don't seem to require anymore.
<a href="">Constructicons Mixtape by The Lyricists</a>
Even though these dudes could probably make dope records spitting over metronome ticks, they scoured the globe for beats that compliment their rhymes, gathering producers from Germany, France and Sweden to enhance the sonic experience on this mixtape. Constructicons also features several tracks with other emcees rhyming 'longside the Lyricists and living up to the group's moniker, including a couple dope tracks with Mike Melton (track 10 Flowgasm and track 15 Man on Fire), who rhymes like a freaking monster. I can't say enough about Constructicons. In the free mixtape era, a lotta crews drop them and don't give you your money's worth... I hope Constructicons will put the Lyricists on a lot more people's proverbial rap radar, so I'm happy to help get the word out! So do yourself a favor and click here to snag Constructicons off the Lyricists' bandcamp page before they come to their senses and start making people PAY for it!

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