All the COOL Kids are watching it: SWORD OF The STRANGER Review by E.Bey

guest review by cartoonist and anime-head Elihu Adofo Bey

I’ve renamed Sword of the Stranger (2008) ‘The Little Cranky Boss’ for humors sake. The story takes place In  samurai age Japan (of course ) The Evil Chinese empire pursues a cute lil’ kid
( Kotoro) and his dog Tobimaru . I love this frickin’ dog!
… they ultimately meet up with the story’s hero named … ‘No name’.    ?
'No name' is an ex-soldier  with near unbeatable sword skill who is reluctant to use them due to post war syndrome or something. The main villian is a big blonde haired ‘barbarian’ who seemingly is equally skilled and has a bad attitude for no good reason at all. We the viewers embark on a thrilling yet basic Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark—ish adventure ladened with a myriad of beautifully designed  anime characters  who obviously couldn’t take the time to familiarize themselves due to the time restraints of the movie.  Samax hasn’t seen it, he posted the finale on facebook via some guy named LeSean and asks me to do a review for no money at all… So I did it based on the fact that Samax is a really ‘groovy’ dude that draws way too much and needs an anime break just like any Red Bull sippin schmuck on the earth.
Watch this movie or you won’t feel cool and updated on stuff that’s cool and updated.
Here are the good points of the movie in my opinion:
Good one time watch. You may revisit a few fight scenes. The Anime is slick and inspiringly consistent.
Plot is basic,  dialogue has a whimsical side.
Characters aren’t fantastic but more than bearable. Wardrobe, SCENERY  and era sensitive paraphanelia is hecka’ interesting if you’re a fan of fuedal Japan.
Has a tender side  amidst the slashing gore.
Bad points of the movie:
Cliché hero and bad guy scenario
Save the cute kid or the world is doomed type crap
Basically it fits the model of every movie you’ve ever seen where the bad guy wants eternal life and the good guy  just wants a cigar and a beef jerky  but inbred ‘bad-ass-ness’  can’t resist  the oppurtunity to zash a face in the name of good.
Animation Studio: Bandai Entertainment, Bones
  Writers: Fumihiko Takayama
  Producer: Masahiko Minami
Director: Masahiro Ando ( this guys a newb but has worked as a storyboard artist for Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, and Cowboy Bebop )
Rated:  A Backpack full of cool ways to kill.
~Wolf  9/2010
-Elihu is the accomplished comicbook artist who illustrated the ghettoManga Award Winning Still I Rise: A Graphic History of African Americans and other fresh comics you haven't read yet. He is also an emcee, as well as a connoisseur of foods that don't kill you slowly. get familiar at Siafu Komix and Adofo Illustrations.


killacaravagio said...

its dope but seems like everyones talking about this now and it seems like they are kinda late to the game

samax said...

I'm even later. I haven't seen it yet. I have never been infatuated with the "hot new" whatever, so I'm often late. When I was a kid it mattered to me to be first.

now, not so much.
thanks for dropping by!

samax said...

now that I think about it, I learned about this from LeSean. He's forgot more about anime than I'll ever know.

I don't watch as much anime as i would like... If anyone wants to write anime reviews for this blog, I'm definitely open to it.

Drew said...

It's a rule that when you make cool sh!t for the world that you don't get to indulge in as much as everybody else. You ARE however, allowed to indulge in cooler sh!t because you make it. We'll hold it down. That is all...

Empath said...

I've seen this. It is brilliant. That is all.

samax said...

@ DREW- yeah, you're right on the money. I decided a while back that I wanted to create more and consume less... I'm never embarrassed to be the last to find about the hot new isht. I don't have time to stay up on everything. That's what my friends are for!

thanks, guys!

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