Terminator 2029 by Brandon Graham?

I've never read the Terminator 2029 comic, but judging from the fan art he did above, I'd buy it if Brandon Graham was drawing it. I think he should get a shot at it, and here's why:

  1. The bubbly cartoon style. cartoon style and ultra-violence make for a combination that's not for everyone, but I can't get enough of it, and I know I'm not alone! And let's face it: the Terminator franchise could use a shot of humor; if the comics are anything like the last couple movies, it could use a freaking intravenous drip...
  2.  The attention to detail. Brandon's comics are always full. Weaned on a healthy diet of classic hip-hop, European comics and the best manga money can buy, Brandon loves to pack excessive amounts of detail into his pages, that are often overloaded with irrelevant but entertaining detail that creates a rich atmosphere... the world of a Brandon Graham comic gets more (sur)real with every reread. Again, the cartoon style he draws in helps keep the massive details from intimidating the reader. 
  3. The wild Imagination. And anyone who's read any of Brandon's comics knows he will push the OMGometer into the red at a moment's notice...He enjoys playing around with the consequences of science fiction, something that should be required for anyone who works on a Terminator property. Because he's so at home on planets that are simultaneously like and unlike our own, Brandon would be perfect for creating characters in the throws of post-apocalyptic war...
Of course, having Brandon on art probably means letting him write it too (which I obviously also recommend)... I've never read a comic he drew that he didn't also write (although some may exist that I'm not aware of). If any Terminatorverse decision-makers are reading this, they should at least consider giving him a back up story somewhere. He's great at sci-fi world-building and exploring weird technology and human (and non-human) nature through daily activity and well-constructed puns. And he probably even finds your kooky continuity charming... so there you go.
I could really see him drawing a story from the point of view of a Terminator (especially a hot female terminator), or a random boyfriend-girlfriend couple in this world gone mad (of course, they would hafta have a pet).
In case you're not familiar with Brandon's work, I'm happy to introduce you! Just click here for more of my blogs about him and previews of his stuff!


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