Robert Blake Freestyle by Headkrack

Good morning, fammo... I been up all night drawing Herman Heed and listening to ceedees and youTube videos... so maybe it's the caffeine talking, but Headkrack's freestyle reenactment of the night Robert Blake "allegedly" merked his wife has me DYING right now!!! comedy GOLD, son...

This is old, so it was probably a lot funnier when it was timely, but it has me f*cked up nonetheless... I must have listened to this twenty times before I posted this... I have been at enough of his shows over the years to tell you that Headkrack is a freestylin' genius... anyways, listen to this a few times, then have a nice day!
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Arkonbey said...

I actually didn't like it very much until the "I think I should go and molest my aunt" line.

that cracked me up. I think it was the big pause before "that's the only thing that rhymes with restaurant"

samax said...

yeah, that kind of line is why I love free styling. It's the realization that the artist is delivering the line at the same time they are thinking of the next.

I like to go to shows and watch people freestyle, so it's easy to imagine the people reacting in the background, and that he is rattling off a list of facts about the subject.

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