PREVIEW: Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow

I'm not sure about Shadowland: Daughters of the Dragon. Not sure I like the artwork, or the handling of Heroes-for-hire alum Colleen Wing. But then, I haven't made up my mind about Shadowland in general. Having said that, it is intriguing enough that I keep posting the previews I'm finding on CBR, so I guess I'm kinda interested... I can say that I dig the cover by Jean-Baptiste Andreae.
Here's the Sales Pitch:
When Matt Murdock offered Colleen Wing the truth about her mother’s death, she knew there would be a price to pay. But the last thing Wing expected was to be made a lieutenant in his Shadowland in charge of the savage army of female assassins called the Nail. Just how far will Colleen go to slake the devil’s bloodlust…and what will her former allies say about her dark alliance?!
So what do you think? This is issue #2. Anybody read the first one? Anyways, Daughters of the Shadow #2 will be out on Wednesday the 22nd.

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