#NewVideo CHAMPION SOUND by Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend is one of my favorite emcees.  He just dropped a new video for Champion Sound, a single from his latest record, Hero's Journey.  Peep the video below.

"There's a lot of guilt in the air..." -RANDOM ACTS OF FLYNESS creator Terence Nance, on the wave of inclusiveness in Hollywood

Random Acts of Flyness looks like my type of hype.  Even if you don't plan on checking for it, you should probably watch this interview of series creator Terence Nance by Audie Cornish.

R.I.P. Project Wonderful

I discovered blogging in 2006.  I never spent a dime out of my pocket for advertising my blog back then, because Project Wonderful enabled me to flip my existing traffic into ads on webcomic sites, video game forums, and more.


2017 marked the triumphant return of Boston-based microphone masters The Perceptionists (separately Akrobatik and Mr. Lif), and their summer is heating up with the impending release of Low Resolution: The Paten Locke Remixes.  Here's a free single Lemme Find Out for an appetizer

DC Gives YOUNG JUSTICE Fans What They Want...

Nothing taps the rage button of American toon heads faster than mentioning the cancelling of fan-favorite superhero action show Young Justice on Cartoon Network.  So when my dude Lateef shared this first-look video of clips from Young Justice's triumphant return to television on the GhettoManga Facebook page, I started imagining my friends' reactions.

T'challa's sister SHURI gets her own book (again)

Following the record-melting success of the BLACK PANTHER movie this year, Marvel is smartly rolling out a new series starring the Wakandan Royal Family's tech genius, Shuri.

MENACE REALLY wants to get a beat from DJ Premier...

Today I ran across this hilarious track The Preemo Plan, in which Dallas-based emcee-disk jock DJ Menace concocts a scheme to get 20K to buy a beat from venerated Gang Starr producer DJ Premier.

Only CYBORG Can Stop Ultraviole(n)t John Stewart in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE!

 Comic book dream team Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez are holding it down on their new JUSTICE LEAGUE book, based on these pages from Justice League #3...

A few words about the late, great Steve Ditko

We at GhettoManga are heartbroken to hear about the passing of the mighty Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-man, Doctor Strange, the Question, the Creeper, Shade the Changing Man, and Hawk and Dove.

Go home, America. You're drunk.

 I am not feeling particularly patriotic right now.

#WuTangTuesday- HOLLOW BONES

Hollow Bones is one of my favorite Wu-Tang Clan songs, for which I flipped an old Ghost Rider sketch from my sketchbook.  Enjoy...

ComicBook World- Teacher Hypnotizes Students as Part of his "Master Plan"

FAM!  You are not gonna believe this!  According to Pennsylvania state police, elementary school teacher James Mentzer got caught in his "master plan" to enslave at least five girls (ages 8-11) with hypnotic suggestion!

Punisher + Hell + Galactus + Thanos = COSMIC GHOST RIDER #DoTheMath

 Did you know that Frank Castle aka the Punisher was dead, and brought back as Cosmic Ghost Rider?  Me neither... That's what we get for not paying attention.  Here's a summary of what we missed...

#NowPlaying - THE FACTORY by Evidence

I loved Evidence's latest album Weather or Not, so I just wanna point out this video to the The Factory...

Quotable- Polite Attacks


Congratulations!  You made it to Friday!  So let's celebrate by checking out this drawing I made of Misty Knight. 

"Silly Call" by Keith Knight

Ray Anthony Height is drawing MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR?!

 Late pass in full effect.  I had no idea that Ray Anthony Height (Midnight Tiger) was drawing Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur.  Even if it's his first issue, this came out weeks ago.  No excuses.


I'm not gonna lie:  Ta-Nehisi Coates is the reason I'm checking for this Captain America relaunch that's dropping on independence day.

#WuTangTuesday- "FISH" by Ghostface

It's Wu-Tang Tuesday, so celebrate by bumping Fish, by Ghostface Killah…

Comicbook World #79- FISH BOSS

My dude Michael shared some video of a fish driving an aquarium yesterday on the GhettoManga Facebook page, and I knew that my heart would not be settled until I drew it.  So it's today's Daily Sketch.

#NowPlaying STEAL THIS MIXTAPE VOL 4 by Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend's latest installment of his Steal This Mixtape series dropped in my email inbox today.  If you like golden era verbal imagery, stream it below.

REVIEW- DOCTOR STRANGE: The Way of the Weird by Aaron + Bachalo

by GhettoManga contributor Michael Lagocki
I’m reading Jason Aaron and Christopher Bachalo’s run on Dr. Strange right now. It is so good. I love everything about it.

KEITH KNIGHT makes the case for marijuana legalization in North Carolina

I'm a huge fan of brilliant cartoonist Keith Knight and comics-powered news magazine The Nib, so when I saw that The Nib published this strip where Keith the case for legalized weed in North Carolina, I had to share it with you...

Dope POWER MAN AND IRON FIST Original Cover Art!

I just ran across this incredible classic POWER MAN and IRON FIST cover art for sale on Facebook!

Comixology Originals- SUPERFREAKS (p)Review

I knew when Amazon acquired Comixology that they would eventually start publishing original comics, and the first wave of Comixology Originals have arrived.  I checked out SuperFreaks, the story of teen sidekicks who must find their way once the heroes (whom they serve hand and foot) vanish mysteriously.

#NowPlaying ALIEN WEAPONRY by Apathy (and a drawing by Samax)

I'm working on client stuff that I can't share right now, but I took a break to draw this because I been bumping this song Alien Weaponry by Apathy... 

No Defenders Season 2? NO PROBLEM! Do THIS instead!

So, I learned today from our friends at MCU Exchange that there are no plans for a second season of Defenders on Netflix.  Good!  I got a BETTER idea...

Anybody know the title of the Wu-Tang song in this game play video? #WuTangTuesday

While I was writing my Daily Sketch email this morning, I just ran across this video of Moon Knight enthusiast Mvincible playing Contest of Champions backed by a dope Wu-Tang Clan track...

The Secret Origin of SHARKNIFE Creator Corey Lewis

You already know Corey Lewis is dope ay ef, now you'll know why...

#NowPlaying- VISION QUEST by Zion I + DJ Fresh f/ Eligh, One.Be.Lo, Illuminati Congo, DJ Remedy

I know you're busy or whatever, but take a second to put the only posse cut off the Zion I + DJ Fresh album The Tonite Show in your ears...


If you're listening to wack music in 2018, it's all your fault.  Why you hitting yourself?

Breakin' Bricks w/ my dude Na'jee!

Did this for my dude Na'jee, a semi-pro gamer and employee of Nintendo.

Headkrack interview with Pusha T

My dude Headkrack interviewed Pusha T (before the beef with this one Canadian dude, so it's not discussed).

NETFLIX drops HD Trailer for The Magic Order by MILLAR + COIPEL

Netflix is in comics game now, and here's the new trailer for their first original series The Magic Order, by Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel


I know it's new comicbook day, but when I walk into the comic shop this week, I'm heading straight for BLACK HAMMER: Age of Doom!  The second issue came out a couple weeks ago, but I'm hoping they have #1 as well...

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