KickStart THIS- BLACKGUARD Animation!

When the first issue of GhettoManga Quarterly was printed way back in 2008, it had an ad on the back cover for a webcomic called BlackGuard, paid for by the Brothers of Spontaneous Combustion also known as the Smith Brothers. 

#NowPlaying HARDCORE by EPMD f/Redman

Which One of Mike Hawthorne's X-Men Re-Designs Do You Like Best?

I came across some of Mike Hawthorne's Exalted X-Men redesigns this morning on Facebook and was like "Hmm... Good stuff."  But when I saw this Storm redesign, I just HAD to share!

DOOM came to TITAN with the Infinity Gauntlet and rocked the party!

I didn't make it out to Titan Comics with my ArtLoveMagic peeps for Free Comic Book Day, so I can't claim credit for this pic of Dallas' own DJ PRIEST dropping Infinity Jewels on the crowd this past weekend...

PROCESS JUNKIES: Check out this BLACKGUARD animation promo!

I told you there were gonna be more announcements about that BLACKGUARD: Assault on Critical Kickstarter that's rolling out from BoSC Comics and  BadArt Productions, so here's a quick video showing the progression that a quick moment has to go through to be animated. 


Y'all know we love Wu-tang here.  I wanted to draw a new piece for #WuTangWednesday, but time waits for no man, and I'm mad busy.  So just listen to the track...

Celebrating TEN YEARS on Twitter!

That's right, we been civilizing the savage shores of Twitter since April of 2009!

Robots are Definitely Gonna Take Your Job, but probably not murder you. Unless a human says it's okay...

That little scamp John Oliver tried to make me feel a little less robophobic in this video about automation.  He failed, but it was fun to watch, so here you go.

I'm a leave this right here: "Let's Print a Comic (& Not Screw It Up" #MakeComics

 I'm a huge nerd about self-publishing, so I love the fact that one of Iron Circus Comics highest-selling products is a book about printing comics.  Let's Print a Comic (& Not Screw It Up) is the Inception-style dream within a dream: an indie digital comic about printing your digital indie comics...

#SheGoHard- BEST SHOT by Rocky Rivera

"Fuck a meta narrative when I give my testimony
Never been to grad school, but master of the ceremony ..."


Okay... I cuts for TIN BOTT!

This Big Trouble in Little China fan art by Tin Bott is the tip of the iceberg... 

GhettoManga 2018 Emcee of the Year

"Ain't no need to fear the Devil, baby when GOD show up. Amen."  
In case you care about my opinion, the emcee who impressed me the most in 2018 is Houston area Tobe Nwigwe ("WEE gway").

My favorite holla day movie is on...

I'm not a big lover of Christmas movies, unless you count movies like the hilarious Eddie Murphy/ Dan Akroyd comedy Trading Places, that have Christmas as a backdrop and not much else.  Whatever the case, Trading Places is on Comedy Central as I'm writing this on Christmas night, and thanks to my dude Jamar Nicholas, I got into a quoting match on Facebook that turned into a watch party...

How Street Angel Saved Christmas

If you have endured more than your fair share of holiday mishaps, you deserve this Street Angel Christmas Special in your life.  

(Umbrella Academy + Movie) x (Mary J Blige + Time Traveling Assassin) = Yes #DoTheMath

Everyone is shedding crocodile tears about the not-so-sanctimonious end of the Netflix wing of the Marvel Universe.  Meanwhile, Netflix is doing what they need to do.  Namely scraping the lesser comix universes for intellectual property gold...

Keith Knight tries talking to Conservatives...

Keith Knight illustrates the trouble he's having talking to Conservatives in this four panel episode of The Knight Life 

#NowPlaying- RETURN of the KAIJU by Supa Kaiju (Napoleon Da Legend + Sicknature)

Here's a new YouTube video mashing up classic Godzilla clips with the new song from Supa Kaiju (Napoleon Da Legend + Sicknature), Return of the Kaiju. 

I'm THANKFUL for the promise of a TRIBE relaunch...

My friend Alan got me started thinking about the cult-classic comic TRIBE, a creator-owned book that combined the aesthetics of indie superheroes and black consciousness that made it exciting to be a black comic book reader in the early nineties.

RIP Stan Lee

All of us here at GhettoManga are saddened by the passing of iconic Marvel comics writer Stan Lee.  

Andrew Huerta's SOVEREIGN comes to Indiegogo

 Everybody knows I love Andrew Huerta.  I supported his attempt at funding SOVEREIGN on Kickstarter, and I support him on Patreon.  And now that his epic super-powered comic SOVEREIGN has come to Indiegogo, I am pulling pennies together for it here too...

Wanna read DONKEY JAW PROJECTS' new comic CORNCOB ROB for FREE? Here's how...

I recently started backing Marshall Lee on Patreon, so I got an advance look at his new vegetable skater comic CORNCOB ROB pt 1, and since he's making it available for free via Facebook.  A quick preview and details below.

KYLE BAKER announced as writer artist of MARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER

You may have already heard that Marvel has turned to licensing comics upstart IDW to publish a line of all ages comics, and now we are pleased to report that the mighty KYLE BAKER has been tapped to create a full color all-ages MARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER!

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