"It's Elementary. They Want Us ALL GONE Eventually." -Nas

I catch a fair amount of flack for occasionally depicting cops as bad people in my comics, or for saying things my conservative friends think are unfair to so-called "good cops" on social media.  I never really feel  the need to defend my positions, because I know that now that they cannot hide, the "bad apples" will show their colors and make my point for me.

Happy Birthday AHMAD!!!

October 10th 2019 is Ahmad "Back in the Day" Lewis's 44th birthday.  So because he is one of the dopest emcees to ever do it, I don't want the day to pass by without a shout out.  So celebrate MODsday with some music and such...

How to Complete Your Back Burner Project, Once and For All!

Use this plan to complete projects that includes the important ingredients of reward and accountability.

It's a mermaid thing, fam.  🐬 You wouldn't understand.

Anybody interested in a mermaid comic? I've been sitting on a script since late 2016. But before we talk about that, here's a thing I drew for Inktober...

#NowPlaying MEAT MARKET by M.Slago + Midaz the Beast + DJ Spiderman

This new M.Slago single Meat Market takes me back to simpler times with a noisy loop worthy of the Bomb Squad, Midaz the Beast's syncopated flow, and liberal cuts from DJ Spiderman of a beloved Public Enemy sample.  Also has a Tony Kukoc shout out.

Put NARUTO + Michael B Jordan + Coach Menswear on Your Chest

Viz media PR dude Erik Jansen put me on to the new NARUTO-INSPIRED clothing line coming from COACH Menswear spokesman and iconic actor Michael B Jordan.

Did you catch my interview on Sunday, fam?

Hey fam,

My friend Marshall Lee invited me back to his show to chat about things that hold artists back who are trying to make money freelancing.  You can check out the interview here.  It's about two hours.

MXGA: Make the X-Men Great Again 😂

This old fan letter from the Claremont and Cockrum days of the Uncanny X-Men feels right at home in 2019, don't it?

The Latin American Anime Experience

Cristal Marie Calderon and the Get in the Robot crew make the case that the experience of Latin American anime fans has been historically better than ours in the U.S.

And they're pro'lly right...

Your Life is Happening Now, fam...

Don't misunderstand... Patience is a good thing.  So is a spirit of graciousness and humility.  But waiting for things to be perfect is just stalling.

Happy Batman Day, fam (((airhorn)))

Hey fam,

In case you didn't know, today (September 21st) is BATMAN DAY, and 2019 marks Batman's 80th Birthday!  Can you believe it? EIGHTY YEARS of the Dark Knight Detective!

To celebrate, here is a gallery of Batman art I have made over the years!

FREELANCER LIFE- So(called)cial Media Fans by Samax Amen

When I get mad about something, instead of vaguebooking or ranting on Twitter, I draw comic strips...

Making Comics with Samax Amen, PLUS a #ThrowbackThursday offer

Samax here.  Here's a sneak peak at a page I'm working on, PLUS some Throwback joints.  If you like this kind of content, click on the pencil to subscribe by email!

"One day, I got struck by knowledge of Self. It gave me super-scientifical powers..." -Jeru

One of my favorite clients that I don't get to work with enough is mixed martial artist D'Juan "Dirty South Owens.  

The other day he posted a quote by Pan-African scholar Dr. Amos Wilson.  

For whatever reason, that made me think of You Can't Stop the Prophet, hip hop classic by golden era emcee Jeru The Damaja ("damager" because alternative spelling is a hip hoppers prerogative).  You will find both below.

Are You Honoring People's Time Or Wasting It?

I shared this sketch in my Daily Sketches email with some thoughts about lame marketing tactics this week .  I got some pretty strong words sent back to me.  I still stand by what I wrote, though, and figred some of the GhettoManga readers might wanna see.

Napoleon Da Legend is on his Nerdcore Sheez Again... AND WE LOVE IT!!!

The main reason I don't care about your favorite nerdcore rapper is that real emcees are into all the same cartoons and comics we are... 

#SheGoHard- AFUA RICHARDSON talks GENIUS, BLACK PANTHER, and The Space for Women in Comics

Y'all know all of us here at GhettoManga love the mighty multi-talented artist, musician, and cos-player Afua Richardson, so watching this interview on TVONE's SISTER CIRCLE just gave me an excuse to drop some photos from the Afuniverse...

Hey fam, Check out this old 9-11 tribute from the comic I was self-pushing back in 2002

Hey fam,

Since Wednesday was the 18th anniversary of September 11th terror attacks, I decided to share the memorial drawing I made the following year.

I Like Powerful Women #SueMe #SheGoHard

"Give the homeless homies money, so they eat well. 
Went and copped the Audi. Gotta go and get it detailed."

This preview of BLACK HAMMER: Age of Doom #12 is FULL of SPOILERS for the series. #JustSaying

My favorite comic over the last year is probably Black Hammer, the award-winning story of an assemblage of superheroes stranded in a pocket universe that includes only one sleepy farm town.  As Age of Doom (and I assume the entire series) comes to a close, I will take this occasion to speak on my experience as a fan of the series.

Start the day off RIGHT w/ Big Daddy Kane


Had a weird day today... but I got some new instrumentals from the homie M.Slago in my email.  So it was a good day!

Panel-to-Panel commentary- "BORN AGAIN THUGS: ROOTZ OF TRUTH "

 Here's my Artist Commentary for the new Born Again Thugs short story I worked on for my client Tyger Ra-Seth.  The script was by my GhostWerks bredren Corance Davis.  I did the art and lettering.

“What I had in mind was to make her the most powerful and the most beautiful woman in comics, and I think I’ve succeeded,” -Dave Cockrum, on Co-Creating STORM

Real quick: I saw this on DJ FUSION's FB timeline and had to share! Dave Cockrum was too real, fam!

Former Image sci-fi wet dream VESCELL is on WEBTOONS!

As we're closing in on the end of this decade, one of illest comics of the last ten years just became available to read online.  

I'm talm'bout VESCELL, the urban sci-fantasy mind-bender by Enrique Carrion and John Upchurch.

Here's some preview pages I copped from a post I wrote in 2012:

Our Pain is Real: Racial and Gender Bias in the Medical System

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