Start the Day Off Right with JERU THE DAMAJA

In a message I sent to a client a few minutes ago, I referenced Jeru the Damaja (I love my clients), so it wasn't long before I was watching the video for this Jeru classic Ya Playin' Yaself...

Ventilators and Death Rates


The Kickstarter Campaign for LIVING HEROES will close Sunday morning.  So if you want in on it, now's the time!

Great Power. No Responsibility?

We're all exhausted with politics, the coronavirus, and President Trump.

So of course, I pulled out my cintiq, fired up adobe photoshop, and made a new comic strip that included all three.  

Hopefully it'll inject a little levity into your day... 

IGNITION needs your help to cross the finish line! #KickstartTHIS

We still don't have nearly enough diversity in genres and subject matter in mainstream comics.  Racial and gender diversity (on the page and on creative teams) is a mixed bag.  On the other hand, indie comics offers more choices and inclusion.  This racing comic IGNITION is offering fans the whole package.  

A few words about A WRITTEN TESTIMONY, the latter day coming of Jay Electronica

Well, well... What have we here?  Last month, mixtape manchild Jay Electronica announced that he had completed his long-awaited debut album.  I am so familiar with being disappointed that when A Written Testimony dropped this week I was not in a hurry to click the link. 

(In particular, it was not enough of a draw to get me onto Jay-Z's streaming service Tidal.)

But I saw Jay Electrolyte dropped it on YouTube, so it's a good time for me to dive in.

Sheriffs Be Like...

Y'all know I love Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, so sometimes I draw comic strips from it so I can make it useful.  Except for the last panel, these are pretty much direct quotes.

This black and white cover art to THE CROSSING #1 by Sean Hill...

Is pretty dope...

BLACK WIDOW Trailer Reveals the Villain

This morning I watched the final Black Widow trailer and was pleased with the villain they selected for her to face off against...

#NowPlaying KALLY by Headkrack

I got a message from that dude Headkrack that had a link to this new lo-fi hip hop jam Kally, so I knew you'd wanna hear it.

Snyder Begins- A few Words About BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR

I have never read any of Scott Snyder's work, even though he comes highly recommended.

Last week I decided to read his Batman run. So I started with this Detective Comics story arc BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR on hoopla digital.

#KickstartTHIS THE CROSSING from 133Art

I've been looking at teaser content for the new dimension-hopping sci-fi thriller THE CROSSING for months, so I am excited to let you know that it's live on Kickstarter right now!  Feast your eyes on these preview pages below

Help DOOM break Innocent prisoners outta jail

Want this drawing of MF DOOM? Cop it AND help fight injustice!

Help me SMASH my Birthday Goal!

March is my birthday month, and as I am looking forward to the kind of man I am hoping to become in the year ahead of me, I am focused on what I can give for my birthday, not what I can get.

How to Become a Super-Villain #1

Since we have a super-villain in the White House, you might be thinking that becoming a super-villain is a fast-track to success.  While we at GhettoManga don't recommend succumbing to your most evil nature, we would prefer that you do it safely, if you choose to do it.  So here's the first in a series of How to Become a Super-Villain threads we will be dropping at random.

A few words about BIRDS OF PREY, blah blah blah Harley Quinn

I posted my thoughts about the Birds of Prey movie on Twitter a couple weeks ago, but I am sharing and expanding on them here.  My review is basically spoiler-free.  There may be spoilers in the comments (if there are any), so read them at your own risk.

SUPERHERU Returns for #BlackHistoryMonth

In March of 2019, I collaborated on the creation of SuperHeru, the brainchild of Californian writer J.R. LeMar.  I was pleased when he came back in the Fall and commissioned me for a couple episodes of a SuperHeru comic strip.  

If you missed the first one, CLICK HERE to check it out

Underground hip hop duo Mars ILL drops new single!

Yesterday, one of my favorite rap acts of all time that you probably never heard of (the "he's the deejay, I'm the rapper" duo MARS ILL) dropped their first new track in 16 years!

High Top Fade on the Cover Equals COP IT! #DoTheMath

I found out about this book FIGHTS by Joel Christian Gill on Twitter, and I'm really excited to check it out when it drops next month.

Check out the new BLACK SANDS DVD dropping next month.

I just got a message from the folks at Black Sands Entertainment announcing the impending DVD release, and a discount for those who preorder now...

This is now the official video for Smooth Criminal at GhettoManga HQ

All controversies aside, I remain a pretty big Michael Jackson fan.  I know.  It's too late for me.  Anyways, I also love weird animation.  So if someone could mash up this clip from Space Dandy and Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal for me, that would be great.

#KickstartTHIS- DOMINION'S LIGHT Graphic Novel- Issue #1

Accomplished screenwriter Brandon Easton just launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for a graphic novel version of his sci-fantasy property DOMINION'S LIGHT.


Krum and Theory Hazit dropped a new name-yo-price EP on Cyber Monday in my email yesterday, so I'm sharing it with you now, cuz that's how I roll.

Stay Black and Die (Not Necessarily in That Order)

The teaser trailer for Black Widow, Marvel's upcoming superhero action joint starring Scarlet Jo, dropped into my life this morning... 

New Character Sketch of One of my first Original Characters

To the extent that people know my work as an artist, they know me primarily as a freelance illustrator.  But before I ever managed to get anyone to pay me for sequential work, certainly before I ever got my hands on any digital coloring tools, I created this character and wrote, drew and lettered comics (in pencil only) for my own pleasure and the entertainment of a few of my high school classmates. 

This is my first time drawing him in over twenty years.  It felt good...

Start the Day Off Right with DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE

Accomplished independent cartoonist and proud Philadelphian Jamar Nicholas (LEON: Protector of the Playground, Detective Boogaloo) posted the video for Brand New Funk, my personal favorite song from DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE, on Facebook on Thursday.  I wound up listening to it many, many times last night, and now I'm sharing it with you. 

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