#NowPlaying STEAL THIS MIXTAPE VOL 4 by Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend's latest installment of his Steal This Mixtape series dropped in my email inbox today.  If you like golden era verbal imagery, stream it below.

REVIEW- DOCTOR STRANGE: The Way of the Weird by Aaron + Bachalo

by GhettoManga contributor Michael Lagocki
I’m reading Jason Aaron and Christopher Bachalo’s run on Dr. Strange right now. It is so good. I love everything about it.

KEITH KNIGHT makes the case for marijuana legalization in North Carolina

I'm a huge fan of brilliant cartoonist Keith Knight and comics-powered news magazine The Nib, so when I saw that The Nib published this strip where Keith the case for legalized weed in North Carolina, I had to share it with you...

Dope POWER MAN AND IRON FIST Original Cover Art!

I just ran across this incredible classic POWER MAN and IRON FIST cover art for sale on Facebook!

Comixology Originals- SUPERFREAKS (p)Review

I knew when Amazon acquired Comixology that they would eventually start publishing original comics, and the first wave of Comixology Originals have arrived.  I checked out SuperFreaks, the story of teen sidekicks who must find their way once the heroes (whom they serve hand and foot) vanish mysteriously.

#NowPlaying ALIEN WEAPONRY by Apathy (and a drawing by Samax)

I'm working on client stuff that I can't share right now, but I took a break to draw this because I been bumping this song Alien Weaponry by Apathy... 

No Defenders Season 2? NO PROBLEM! Do THIS instead!

So, I learned today from our friends at MCU Exchange that there are no plans for a second season of Defenders on Netflix.  Good!  I got a BETTER idea...

Anybody know the title of the Wu-Tang song in this game play video? #WuTangTuesday

While I was writing my Daily Sketch email this morning, I just ran across this video of Moon Knight enthusiast Mvincible playing Contest of Champions backed by a dope Wu-Tang Clan track...

The Secret Origin of SHARKNIFE Creator Corey Lewis

You already know Corey Lewis is dope ay ef, now you'll know why...

#NowPlaying- VISION QUEST by Zion I + DJ Fresh f/ Eligh, One.Be.Lo, Illuminati Congo, DJ Remedy

I know you're busy or whatever, but take a second to put the only posse cut off the Zion I + DJ Fresh album The Tonite Show in your ears...


If you're listening to wack music in 2018, it's all your fault.  Why you hitting yourself?

Breakin' Bricks w/ my dude Na'jee!

Did this for my dude Na'jee, a semi-pro gamer and employee of Nintendo.

Headkrack interview with Pusha T

My dude Headkrack interviewed Pusha T (before the beef with this one Canadian dude, so it's not discussed).

NETFLIX drops HD Trailer for The Magic Order by MILLAR + COIPEL

Netflix is in comics game now, and here's the new trailer for their first original series The Magic Order, by Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel


I know it's new comicbook day, but when I walk into the comic shop this week, I'm heading straight for BLACK HAMMER: Age of Doom!  The second issue came out a couple weeks ago, but I'm hoping they have #1 as well...

#FanArtFriday I drew Corsair (for those who missed it)

I made a digital drawing of obscure X-Men character and best absentee dad ever Corsair of the space-pirate crew Starjammers.  It's all Venomous2000's fault.

The Joell Ortiz Banger that inspired this sketch

You may have already heard God Forbid by Joell Ortiz.  It's not a new song, but it is one of my favorite songs I've heard in a minute.  I discovered it on Soundcloud, and it has been in heavy rotation since.

#NowPlaying THE PAIN by Rapsody

Yeah, Rapsody's nice...

That new Venomous2000 and Trilian single I AIN'T PARTICULAR inspired this fan art...

New Jersey emcee Venomous2000 and Serbian producer Trilian are back with a new single I Ain't Particular (f/ DJ TMB), off their upcoming plate Sounds of the Great Ones 2

Some Stelfreeze convention joints to brighten your day

 We are ALL huge fans of Brian Stelfreeze here at GhettoManga, so when Mike shared out a few Stelfreeze joints, it sent me over to the Brian Stelfreeze Fan Page on Facebook to see what else he posted that day.  Here's a few selections...

New Print (maybe an upcoming comic?)- DANDY LION by Samax Amen

 I came up with the character Dandy Lion in 2012, when I was working at the e-learning company Study Island. The character was borne of one of those puns so visual that it keeps bouncing around in your head until you let it out and give it a mission.

LIFE UNDERWATER #1 by J.R. LeMar and Samax Amen

There's a new episode of J.R. LeMar's hilarious mermaid comic strip Life Underwater up today on MyComicStripClub.com, but here's the strip from last week's debut if you missed it...

Surviving Mother's Day

I want to acknowledge that you might be one of the people who may be hurting today.  Mother's Day is hard for people who grew up without a mother, had a tough relationship with her, or had their mother pass away.  If that's you, fam, I just want to say my heart goes out to you, and I don't want to be insensitive to your pain.

9 Places to Make Money with a Comic Book Vending Machine

This picture of a vending machine that dispenses comics has been making the rounds this week, and for the most part, comic book fans have been bringing up all the reasons it would not make money.  As someone who has consistently been told "You can't make money doing x"  WHEN I WAS ALREADY MAKING MONEY DOING X, I thought I would brainstorm a few ways to flip a well designed and deployed comix machine into a nice income stream.

BLACKBOOK BATTLES-Bring Your Sketchbook Skills and Compete for Cash Prizes!

I'm excited to be competing this Thursday in a Sketchbook Battle, hosted by Too Fresh Productions and ArtLoveMagic! Check out the Flyer and Facebook Event post for more info.

PREVIEW- "Gumgah and the Grumpledonk" a children's book by Jacques Nyemband Micheline Hess

Not So Super Publishing has made their children's book  "Gumgah and the Grumpledonk" available for preorder.  Here's a preview I copped from their website...

#NowPlaying "I Rap Black" by CHUCK D, Bishop Lamont + MyKill Miers

Stockholm beatmaker Max- I - Million followed GhettoManga on Twitter today, so I looked into him and found this new Chuck D single I Rap Black, which featured three nice verses from Chuck, Bishop Lamont and MyKill Miers.

Is Misty Knight gonna show skills in WEAPON LOST? We shall see...

Misty Knight is on this awesome cover of Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1, so I went ahead and posted this preview.  Misty isn't in the preview below, but based on the sales pitch, I'm hoping she has an important role in the series. 

SKYWARD looks dope...

Look up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's... pretty much everybody.  Here's some sample pages from the first couple issues of Skyward.

What d'you think about the new CZARFACE & MF DOOM video

I just watched the new video for Meddle with Metal, the latest single off the callabo record Czarface Meets Metalface...

Start the Day off RIGHT with BAMBU & SICK JACKEN

Peep the old-school mental health hip hop braggadocio joint Might Go Psycho from the Filipino emcee Bambu, produced by Sick Jacken...

Director from THE WIRE, THE WALKING DEAD to bring Osajyefo & Smith's BLACK to the big screen

When Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith and company launched BLACK on Kickstarter, I suggested that this project had all the pieces to take the Black Comix revolution (already in progress) to the next level.  Now, the revolution is following mainstream superheroes to the big screen. 

"DaVerse: You Are Amazing" by Samax Amen

Friday was the last DaVerse Lounge of the 2018 school year, and I was invited to come contribute my live art to the mix one more time.

afrofuturistic hip hop animated video INTERGALACTIC SERMONS

People often ask me about animation.  I worked on an animation team in 2011 and 12, but I am not an animator myself.  I created character designs, props, and environmental assets for an e-learning company.  I know just enough about animation to know how hard it is.  So when my homey DJ Night Nurse shared this incredible animated hip hop video Intergalactic Sermons on my timeline, my mind was sufficiently blown.


It's been four years since I first heard of the young phenom AFRO (All Flows Reach Out), but this is my first time actually paying money for one of his releases.  But Bandcamp hit up my inbox fresh off of depositing a check from my latest live art gig, so I copped his 2015 joint Tales From the Basement today.

Watch this promo cartoon for "Your Black Friend" by Ben Passmore

I was first exposed to the awesome cartooning of Ben Passmore via the comics-powered news magazine The Nib.  Ben's work raises the art of autobiographical comics to another level.  His deadpan voice speaks the language of the "woke" generation in comics form.  Anyways, this cartoon promo for his book Your Black Friend does an awesome job capturing the spirit of his comics whilst adding sound and motion.


 When I read the first Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur trade, I didn't like it as much as I wanted to, not because it wasn't good, but... Wait.  I'm getting ahead of myself.  You probably showed up to see this preview of  Moon Girl #29, not to read my rambling.  So I'll show you the preview FIRST, and ramble second.

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