If you could relive any day from your life...

I was scrolling the timeline Wednesday morning and one of my friends (don't remember who) posted this question:

Now Playing- STREET UNIVERSE by Napoleon Da Legend + Giallo Point

One of the best emcees I have heard in the last ten years, Napoleon Da Legend returns with the kinda shit talking conscious lyrics that we took for granted in the nineties.  

His new jawn STREET UNIVERSE teams him up with soulful UK beatsmith Giallo Point.

The Answer Talks Cartooning, His College Coach, Being a Trend-Setter

Everybody knows Iverson is my favorite ball player, so it makes me happy to see him draw a caricature and hear him talk about being a cartoonist.  I mean, this interview is just about him in general, but I love the guy...

Ninja-G is the hero we need right now.

I have long pushed the idea that many of the world's problem would be best solved by ninjas
Proof: I was feeling bad about all the things today, then I saw this black female ninja with an afro and now I feel better.

"Look At All These Slave Masters Posing On Your Dollar (Get it)"

I'm working hella hard to catch up on my freelance work, and listening to music to keep my brain humming. A few minutes ago, I checked out the new Run The Jewls video JU$T (f/Pharrell Williams and Zack De La Rocha)...

Person Woman Man Camera TV.  Are you ready to comply?

Hip Hop and Comics: Cultures Combining Flier

I just got an email from pop culture historian/journalist, DJ, and self-identified Hip Hop and Comics guy Patrick Reed, who is moderating a star-studded Hip Hop and Comics: Cultures Combining panel for San Diego Comic-Con's virtual convention next week. 

I'm excited to share the flier he sent me below.

"Dungeons & Dragons" Live Action NETFLIX Trailer! (Not really)

Oh my Dungeon Master... So I was just scrolling Facebook and saw what I was ready to assume was a legit af Dungeons & Dragons cosplay squad when I found out it was actually the cast of a Brazilian car commercial...

I Got Five Disney Dollar On It...

In this week's episode of When American Individualism Goes Wrong, Disney World reopened this week despite record levels of new Covid19 infections in Florida.  So twitter dad Tim Satre put the music from the Jordan Peele thriller US over the Disney World commercial.

"The Subtle Genius Behind the Prowler (Into the Spider-Verse Video Essay)" by Socratic Cinema

I stumbled upon this awesome video essay about The Prowler, a pivotal character from Into the Spider-Verse.


I got around to watching the trailer for Umbrella Academy Season 2 today, and I figured you'd want to see it, if you haven't already.

Piskor and Rugg Build with Ralph Bakshi

I just finished watching the new Cartoonist Kayfabe interview with the mighty Ralph Bakshi! Check it out here:

Marvel Pandering to Cats Again...

This was written, drawn, and shared on Twitter by Eric M. Esquivel, but he doesn't allow retweets.  So I stole it from him.  You know... for his own good.

Be Responsible, fam. Wear Your Mask

This week I designed a face mask inspired by my favorite superhero...

[Daily Sketch] Thinking of You

Coronavirus VIII: Prisons & Jails: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Most of my readers know I actively speak against the U.S. Slavery Prison System.  You might also know I'm raising money for Direct Relief to fight Coronavirus. 

Worlds collided again on Last Week Tonight...

Have you been sleeping on Nick Andre? Me too...

Hope y'all are having a good (fun + safe) weekend.  I'm chilling at the house with music and catching up on my work.  Having dope hip hop music helps...

A New Black-Owned Comics Distributor?! Yes, REALLY!

Award-winning indie comics publisher 133art joined the cloud of options for comic book printing a while back, and is continuing to go vertical by joining with other companies to form BIC Distro, a new black-owned comicbook distributor.

MOOD MUSIC--> "19" by Mountain Wolf Windblade + Lex Boogie from the BX

I know him mostly as an accomplished indy cartoonist and illustrator, but my dude Elihu Adofo Bey has been making music for as long as I've known him.  He has contributed to GhettoManga more than once, I even have a book he drew in my library, but I don't think I've ever actually bought a record from him, though.

That changed today.

Who You Got? Columbiana or Venom?

I drew these two characters for one of my Daily Sketch emails last week.  Who would win if you wrote this comic?  Not just who's the stronger of the two, but who would YOU (as the omnipotent writer) have win the battle, and why?

Throwback Thursday- REAGAN by Killer Mike

I want to slap cats who try to act like Killer Mike is getting a free ride on the RTJ train (you know who tf you are).  Killer Mike is one cat who ALWAYS keeps it 100% ...  
Exhibit A: Here's the video for REAGAN.

"I'm the sonic representation of dark matter. Any space I rock is where the meteors and stars gather..." -Sa-Roc

I can't stress this enough: Hip hop is still producing incredible music.  While y'all paying undue attention to wack emcees, Sa-Roc and frequent producing partner Sol Messiah are over here dropping dope rhymes in my feed again...

"You can choose to say 'Good morning, God' or 'Good God, morning'!" #NowPlaying BLAZING ARROW by Blackalicious

album cover BLAZING ARROW by Blackalicious
Everybody knows BLAZING ARROW by Blackalicious is my second favorite album of all time.  I ran into it on Sunday, and consequently spent the whole day with it on repeat.

Got This BUSTA RHYMES vs MF DOOM track on Repeat

I can't stop playing this song.  So I took a minute and drew this to go with it...  Here's a video I found on Youtube.

PENCIL to PENCIL- Jamar and Mike interview JG JONES

Jamar Nicholas and Mike Manley returned with their inside comics podcast PENCIL TO PENCIL, and Wednesday they were joined by the mighty JG JONES!

A couple new Tobe Nwigwe jawns...

Tobe Nwigwe, Fat, and Ivory
It's been a minute since I posted any Tobe Nwigwe music, but he's still probably my favorite emcee right now.  So here's a couple of his new videos...

Rob Liu-Trujillo Reads from his book FURQUAN'S FIRST FLAT TOP!

Children's book author, illustrator, and activist Robert Liu-Trujillo reads his book Furquan's First Flat Top

"She say the beam from the skylights is so enticin'. She reaching for the sky like Peabo Bryson..." -Jay Electronica

The homie DJ Fusion shared some intel about a Jay Electronica verse appearing on this Paul Epworth single Love Galaxy, so I checked it out

I assure you, Jay-Z does not make an appearance at all...


Everybody likes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, okay?  That is a scientific fact. If you also like comic artist Andy Kuhn, you are really gonna love this...

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