We finally got copies of THE MELANITES #3 in stock in the GhettoManga store.  After seeing the cover art by Caanan White, a few people are asking for a peek at the interior art,  so here you go.  
Check out some sample pages by Ariyibi “Pitch” Toluwalase

The sales pitch:

THE MELANITES is the unfolding of a modern mythology about a pantheon of mysterious super-powered beings who have emerged and begun to have an outsized effect on humanity.


“SLAY DAY” by Tyger Moore, Ariyibi“Pitch” Toluwalase, Ikupolati Success, and Adekanmi Samuel

The Melanites have already had a huge impact on the world, and human authorities have fought back.

As this issue opens, we see that SLAY, the self-appointed Diva of Social Media, has taken the role of judge, jury, and executioner of sexual predators that human systems are unable (or unwilling) to bring to justice.

Also, heavy consequences will be paid after events of issue 2, as the stakes continue to rise.

“SLAY N THE HUD” by Tyger Moore, Corance Davis and Samax Amen

Meet “The Diva of Social Media” Renee Slay and Hud, "the Dog of Darkness" in this intense prequel webcomic short, printed here for the first time.


Check out character bios in The Official Handbook of the Melanites Universe, and learn how YOU could become one of them!.

Pitch drew the 24 page feature, I drew the 4 page backup, and there's more goodies to bring this up to 38 pages.


Samax Amen creates art on computers, canvas, faces, stages, and pages. He also helps create many great comics you never heard of, and creates his own comics sometimes.  Samax started GhettoManga in 2003 to galvanize his audience and promote the people, places, and things he loves.

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